Binghamton University, photography

Zachariah Liebmann

Zachariah Liebmann
ARTS 479 Special Studios Project in Photography

These prints are aimed to be printed on a form of either sheet aluminum or copper, tying back to the older style of photos such as tin types. The actual prints will be 20×30. These images are part of a series that will contain 15 images. As of now, the project is about the exploration of astronomical bodies without looking to the stars, but rather by looking at things we can hold and examine closely.

9 thoughts on “Zachariah Liebmann”

  1. Your concept is really interesting; i’ve often thought about our relationship between the universe, and things we can find in nature. There is definitely a mirror between these two topics, especially when we start looking at things like fractals, and highly detailed images of somewhat ‘normal’ things being examined at high magnification. I hope you’ll post more of these images on the blog!

  2. I enjoy the colors and the effect you have produced. I especially am glad with the sizing you have chose (the bigger the better) since you are examining details and color. I am curious to see how the colors bounce on tin or copper sheets.

  3. I wish I could see more than one of these but I like this one a lot. Before reading your statement I was already thinking about celestial bodies. I find myself wondering what this object is. I think it will be a good choice printing this on a shiny surface and large.

  4. I love your picture. I like the colors in the photo. The texture is really fascinating. It is something I have not seen before. Its a great idea what you plan to print the photo on. Good job!

  5. Love the concept here, if done right the final product could be truly outstanding. Would love to see other images in the series. I imagine the spectrum of colors possible for these is limitless, I would encourage diverging from the blue/green and explore some other color combinations. So cool.

  6. This is beautiful! I’m mesmerized by you creating space in such a small scale. What did you use as the object in this instance? The colors are really vibrant as well. You basically created a mini Earth!

  7. This photo looks very scientific and biological. It almost looks like a culture being viewed through a microscope. I love the colors and the contrast too it looks really sci-fi

  8. I really am intrigued by the concept of finding space in other things besides stars. I’m not sure exactly what the first image is of but in the series maybe have a description of what they are to further emphasize being able to see the universe in common objects.

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