10 thoughts on “Xiaobing Wu”

  1. I think you have a very intriguing concept you are working with, it seems quirky and like it would draw a lot of attention. My biggest criticism is the color and lighting… because the subject is in yellow, a vibrant and electric color, I expect more of that from the photo but where it is at now it is a little dull and lack luster. If you used more direct lighting and enhanced the levels a bit i think this could be not only a strong piece but a strong series.

  2. Is sounds like a really interesting idea. I think that if you’re going to do something like this it’s important to have all features of the body covered. I can still see the face and draw conclusions there. The pieces seems to be working on other levels. Would like to see more work and draw more ideas from there

  3. I like this setting a lot. It seems very metaphorical relating to alcohol, habits, and personality. The pose of the subject is very unnatural, almost like a mannequin. I think it would be very dramatic to have the wine dripping down that body suit.

  4. The costume and pose for this subject matter is striking. I think it would be better suited by overall brightening, white balancing with the backdrop, and editing out the line behind the figure’s head. I wonder how it would translate to set-up studio lights and a composition with the same body suit in an outside location (such as a bar).

  5. would like to see more from this series in how you further implemented body language to communicate a story or personality

  6. Very interesting topic and theme. Through the image, the first thing about the personality is that the dude really enjoys drinking alcohol. Need more images to be posted on the blog. I assume it is very good and abstract work

  7. I love your idea of using body, costume, and props to create a story. I feel like you are telling an ideology but there is an ambiguity. At first I was thinking about if the bottle rack should be leveled but then I feel it actually look nicer when it’s angled. The angle creates a dramatic feeling. I also notice the line on top right, and it’s a little disturbing to the whole image.

  8. Everything about this photo is captivating. The composure and framing make the photo feel almost uneasy and off kilter, which I love. I think having the subject be “anonymous” opens up the relatability of the photo, and might make it easier for some people to digest. You could even brighten the yellow to make it pop out.

  9. Hi Xiaobing,
    I really love your photo. They’re very comedic, intriguing, and quirky–which I love! It would be nice to see the rest of your series so I could get a better idea of your concept across different scenarios. To improve this photo, I’d advise to take this photo vertically/upright to where the cart is in a normal position. And also to photoshop out the corner of the wall because it’s distracting especially with it in a diagonal position.

  10. I like how this photo has such a positive feeling to it. It is so light on the eyes with the yellow and the candy, but it is also so confusing at the same time. I’d love to see more from this series!

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