9 thoughts on “Binglun Hu”

  1. The blue tones in these photos really provide a haunted feeling. The idea of watching/gaze also backs up the unsettling feeling these photos give off, which is very interesting and I want to see more my seeing these.

  2. I get a feel of paranoia from you images. The perspective from your images gives the viewer a different look on the idea of being followed. I can relate the feeling on looking over my shoulder. The third photo has a unique framing to them.

  3. I like the mood these images convey. They are cold and isolated. The color grading as well as the framing of the images makes these feel less like photography and more like screen grabs from a film.

  4. I enjoy the tone of your works. I want to have a look on your whole series because they are narrative. Good use of depth of field one the last one.

  5. I really enjoy the blue tone to your photos, it creates a feeling of loneliness and gloom. I especially love the depth of field used on the last photo to capture all the features of the subject except his hands.

  6. These photographs are so much fun! You played with the visual concept of a gaze and the photographs intrigue a narrative. The tone of the photographs works very well for the context — it gives the photographs a moody and anxious feeling.

  7. These photos are so strong! The cold color editing is effective in a way that it conveys a lonely socially paranoid, isolated feeling. It is interesting to see the point of view angel in the second photo responds to the first photo. It seems they are a series of photo to tell a story of self consciousness and a certain mental state.

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