Binghamton University, photography

Colleen Dougherty

Colleen Dougherty
ARTS 479 Special Studio Project in Photography
Digital prints on luster photo paper; 12″ x 18″
10 image series

This series explores the idea of feeling isolated or disconnected from the environment or people around you. Mixed media heads built from a variety of different objects and materials to mask the individual and to act as a visual representation of the type of isolation the person is feeling in the scene.

24 thoughts on “Colleen Dougherty”

  1. The idea is really interesting. I like how the subject is disappearing into the background. You do it in such a way that the focal point is them, but their face is covered. If you continue this serious, having more opposite backing and head pieces could be interesting. The composition of each subject is different, giving more of a verity.

  2. Your ideas come through really well in the pictures, not only with the fantastically built “heads” but also in the body language of your subjects and color pallet for each scene. I’m also particularly fond of the framing, especially in the picture with the flower head.

  3. All the photos except the first one, seem robotic. Geometric. The second photo with the odd cone-head really pops out. I think this is the strongest piece. There is such a nice contrast and relationship between the colors in this photo. However, it is also an interesting decision to have the other anonymous heads kind of blench into their environment which relates to the idea of being isolated or disconnected from one’s surroundings because the viewer is searching for the head, having to really look for it (or maybe that’s just me).

  4. I think the first and second one express the the idea of isolation exactly because we can see the comparison between two group of people in the pictures. However, the first and last one is not that strong and clear. Add something to campare may be better.

  5. The last photo is composed very well. Its like the person is stuck in a world of technology while they are longing to be in the natural world away from electronics. I feel like it speaks of you as an artist and the choices you make when composing your shots and taking them, and alludes to our culture and the world we are living in today.

  6. I really like how the different “heads” are themed around the composition of each photo. It doesn’t take too long to identify what each of the different heads could mean in relation to the rest of the piece. I do think that while the kitchen themed photo is visually interesting, it’s a little less clear what the subject with the head could feel isolated from compared to the other compositions.

  7. I love the fabricated heads you built for the isolated subject! their size and subject matter create an ominous feeling when I look at the photos, like the objects are always present but never really a part of what is happening because theyre not really considered during the event.

  8. I am really drawn in by this piece due to the theme and all of the different settings that your subject is placed in. Great use of lighting in all of your images!

  9. These photos are so interesting! The message you are trying to portray totally comes through and works well! Each photo is framed very well which adds to their success. Great job!

  10. I enjoy the way you have taken photography and sculpture to work harmoniously in a way that supports your concepts. The sculptures are great the way they reflect and respond to the environment/situation you have placed them in. Great images!

  11. This is a really cool idea for a project, and I can tell that you put a lot of effort into it with the headpieces. The contrast between the headpieces and the environment is really clear, and I think the overall composition and tones in the photos are really nice. My favorite is the last picture, because the light shining on the trees creates a strong contrast with lots of detail. Nice work!

  12. A great way of bringing the world of sculpture into the world of photography and creating a strong narative. I particularly liked the second image how the kid with the cone covering was in focus but because of the interaction with the two people in the background, my focus went to them even though they are not in focus. It added another level to the idea of feeling isolated and maybe even invisible when all signs point to it being the opposite. Really fun concept

  13. I really liked the creativity in this series. I liked how every image was an everyday background the idea of being isolate was different in each and stood out. I liked how each “box” went with the theme of the image and stood out just enough to make a statement. Well done!

  14. Holy! I love the theme of this series! Very creative and so now, with the way technology is making its way into our lives and could create barriers this series hits that; even take out the tangible things in our life the message here is so clear and I think relates to people who feel disconnected in so many ways.

  15. Each photo has a new and unique composition that gives each one its own story. Every photo in this series has a vibrant use of color, light and shadow! Within each image, I find myself relating to the subject in each scenario. I enjoy that there is so much thought and emotion put into this project, very well done!

  16. I love the inspiration for this series of photos. It is a creative way to represent the isolation that many feel today. I also like the different settings chosen for each photo. Particularly, I enjoy that there are other individuals present in the dinner scene and the park scene. This captures that idea that even though other people are physically present, a person can still feel isolated and alone. Finally, I enjoyed the pieces used for covering the head in the photos and how they corresponded with the setting.

  17. This concepts is really interesting and you have executed your photos well. Every photo tells its own story but they also work well together. These are powerful and I’m sure almost everyone can relate to them.

  18. These works come from such an incredible concept. The photographs are well done but the mixed media heads are an even more impressive feat. The compositions really speak to the theme! Powerful work.

  19. Hi Colleen,
    I really like the concept of your series. I feel that this project is something that many people, including myself, can relate to and feel comforted by in a sense that we’re not alone in this. I really don’t have any advice on making it any better. If any, I’d like to see more of this series.

  20. I don’t think that I have ever related more to an image. This project is comforting in the fact that I feel like I am not alone, but it is also discomforting seeing images that so well represent my feelings in such a haunting manner. The composition and framing are also very well done. I would really like to see more of this series.

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