11 thoughts on “Fatoumata Ceesay”

  1. I love the values in these images. The stark contrast is beautiful. I also appreciate that you took detail shots as well as some zoomed out. Great job!

  2. The third photo is so beautiful with its contrast and the lighting. The texture of flower give the rich eye-pleasing visual effect on your pic.

  3. I love black and white when it comes to flowers and nature. The contrast of the flowers with the background gives it a “wow” effect. When people think of flowers being photographed, they think of the colors that the photographer would focus on, but when given black and white, it is such a unique type of photography. I would try to focus more on the flowers so it has a great deal of texture and clarity, but I love the idea of black and white photography.

  4. I really enjoy the toning these photos have. I’m not sure if this is a result of darkroom toning, color scanning a black and white negative, or if it’s digital editing but I enjoy the green in the midtones. It dramatizes the flowers in a way normal black and white wouldn’t.

  5. The flowers are very beautiful and delicate. You have posed them in such a way that showcases their beauty. They also kind of have a vintage effect to them, like there is grain or yellowing to it that creates this effect. I could almost see the first picture as the cover of a magazine for a photography magazine. I also enjoy the variations you have included of these flowers. They are not all just one pose, there are far away images and close-ups which really show the detail of the flowers.

  6. Even they are in black and white, I can still feel the richness of various colors. In addition, the flowers’ position is very good. The contrast is great.

  7. I enjoyed your use of black and white photography with these photos. It gives the photos nice shadows and accentuates the different textures, specifically in the last photograph. I love the dim lighting you used in the second photograph. One thing I would change is to try to utilize that softer lighting in the third photo to diminish the brightness.

  8. The contrast between black and white is very beautiful. At first it seemed a little harsh, but after looking at them more I really like it. Flowers are something so delicate, but you give a different meaning to them. Nice work!

  9. I like the texture of these photographs. The contrast level gives them a very noir vibe. I can imagine these being film stills from a vintage movie.

  10. Even though these photos are in black and white, they have a great range of color. Rich blacks, greys, and whites help to create a deep and textured picture. Well done!

  11. Beautiful photos! Your tones are so rich, in the first one especially. The only critique I have is that the logo in the first and fourth photo is distracting, and takes away from the timeless element of the photos. With the logo of the company card included, they feel more like product photography.

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