photography, University of Kentucky

Graham Brosius

Graham Brosius
A-S 285 – Lens Arts
Digital Prints; 8.5″ x 11″

We all try to blend into our surroundings both consciously and unconsciously. Weather that be physically through our choice of clothes or how we act around others to present the most likable version of ourselves, we all feel a bit afraid to stand out. In this photoset this idea is manifested into its physical form through blending the clothing and body of subject with their physical surrounding.

29 thoughts on “Graham Brosius”

  1. I love your take on color in this series. I will say that the first two are more effective than the third. I think that has to do with the positioning of your subject as well as background elements. Good job!

  2. I love how you use the color and the presence of boundaries. Especially the second picture, it is just beautiful. It works perfectly with the third pic. I am not sure the first fit in the series,cuz the color and its dimension is so different from the later two

  3. These photos all have a certain sense of sardonic humor to them. The human posturing onto the surroundings seem infantile in the way in which there is a proclaimed dependent weight on the surfaces. The failure, and emphasized attempt, of this camouflage is the most interesting aspect of these photos.

  4. This series has a great sense of humor to it. The position you have the model in, in each photo, laying down and hiding their face from the camera, was a great decision. I think if they were looking at us it would be somewhat creepy maybe. The play on color, especially that first blue image, is very strong. The second image really made me laugh because of the blue jeans and green sweater and how that played out… it’s quirky and interesting. The one detail that caught my eye that isn’t consistent throughout is that the first photo, the model is wearing shoes, and the color difference make that stand out where as the second and third they have bare feet. I am not sure which is better because they both stand out but I think for aesthetic purposes I like the bare feet more, but for concept purposes maybe they should be wearing socks of that same color?

  5. I really enjoy how you coupled the strategic use of color with composition in these photos. The third photograph not only includes an interesting color scheme but also is composed in a way that makes the dimensionality confusing. I can sense the subject is laying on a horizontal surface but there is nothing in the frame to orient my eyes. It feels almost like he’s floating.

  6. I really enjoy your idea behind the photos. I also think the way you have asked your models to pose goes well with the idea of blending in. They feel like they shouldn’t be seen so they cover themselves up and they try to act small. The colors also go very well with your people because they have just a slight difference in color that you can still see the difference between person and surrounding. The angles you have presented also go well with the surrounding theme because they are angles that people would normally see if they were to cross these specific places. Great job!

  7. These are really stylish photos! I love the use of framing and the subtle differences in color of the photos. Nice job!

  8. Really like your series! The color is impressive and it makes the whole series more energetic even though the person in the photo is lying on the ground or the wall. I think it is a pretty creative series and the vision effect is strong. The composition of the pictures is perfect as well.

  9. I really like these photos! As others have said, the first two are stronger than the last photo, the intersecting line helps break up the composition, and creates a very interesting sense of movement across the frame. I would love to see more of these!

  10. The second pic is the most amazing one. The coordinated colors between the clothes and background makes the pic so strong and nice.

  11. I really like the idea behind these photos, and I think you did a good job portraying your vision. The colors are balanced well and the framing is great too! Good job!

  12. I love that you utilized color here to place meaning with the series. The idea behind the vision of the photos is strong. I like that the first photo the textures that are seen on the wall and the clarity of that and the person blending with the wall. I was also intrigued by the shadows in that photo. The slight difference in colors there work well together and strengthens the image.

  13. I love the interactions between geometric angles and relaxed posture in these images. The use of color, texture, and lighting add a sophistication to these photos that are silly in nature. I would love to see more of these photos in a different color scheme.

  14. These images are so interesting in every aspect! The first image is beautiful with its bright blue and the horizontal line. Even though I kind of wish the right side of the wall was not there, it is still a good one. When I see the second picture, I was surprised and smiled. I can sense the humor in your picture. The diagonal line is brilliant!

  15. This set of pictures has awesome color theme in my opinion. Everything looks so concise and well-regulated. My favorite is the second one where the line between two colors look just awesome!Good work!

  16. I really enjoy your compositions and color. The grim and ghastly tone that these images emit is captivating. I would be curious to see how this idea worked in a more natural environment like the forest or desert.

  17. I really like the cleanliness and simpleness of these two photos. I doubt the blue color of the wall in the first picture and I assume you spent a lot of time editing the photos and it’s definitely worth it. Although green and blue are both cold colors, the second photo works out so well and brings my attention to it.

  18. I love that when I first see these pictures it makes me want to laugh due to the face down positions of your subject but after reading your description I appreciate that the face of your subject is not shown so more people can relate to your overall message of fitting in. Cool idea and use of colors.

  19. I love how the clothes the person is wearing is so aesthetically pleasing to the eye. Especially in the second one where the clothes match the two colors of the court.

  20. I love the way you compose the colors in your photos. Also the tone of the colors is calm which made me feel comfortable. Felt little bit gloomy and drowsy through the pose of the model. Awsome Work!

  21. I love this series of photographs. I appreciate that you didn’t only match the color of the model with the surroundings, but also the hue and saturation of the color, which is very important for executing the idea of “blending into the surroundings”. I like the fact that the model is facing away from the camera in all of the photographs, and I think the nude feet in the later two photographs gives the composition a more vulnerable feeling which made the photographs stronger.

  22. This is such an interesting and relatable concept and I would love to see even more photos in this series. The limp/loose pose of the models in this series really helps convey the shyness and desire to be unseen. It is very vulnerable and real.

  23. I love the simplicity of these photos and the choice of colors you used. It’s visually pleasing and I really like that the colors you used matched up and with the background so well; the colors compliment each other rather than distracting the viewer. Whether this was done while shooting or in post-production, I think it makes the piece more like a whole and it removes the possibility of distraction that would come if the colors were drastically different shades/tones.

  24. These photos are incredibly pleasing to look at. The way they are composed is smart and works well with the concepts you are using. I love the way you use colors to camouflage the subject into the background. These are definitely photos that could have a variety of meanings. There was clearly a lot of thought put into these photos, great job!

  25. Great use of color and perspective to create this feeling of blending and melancholy. The posing and flat tones combine to create a very strong mood of emptiness, if that makes sense. These feel like some sort of soft indie album covers to me.

  26. I love your concept behind these photos, and I thought you did a really good job at becoming creative when it came to your location and color choice. I personally love the first photo, the way the person is placed just makes it really pleasing to look at. I also like how in the second photo you changed the top and bottom of the person’s outfit to fit the color scheme, it adds a unique aspect.

  27. This is a really cool concept and I agree with earlier comments that there is a sense of humor in the images. I really love how you positioned your subjects and the overall attitude of the pieces together. This could definitely be expanded to have more pictures and I think that would be something really cool to work towards!

  28. This is such a creative concept! I love how the way that you frame each photo ensures that only the color you are focusing on is in frame. I especially like the first one! The way your model is laying on the wall coupled with the composition make it my favorite!

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