photography, University of Kentucky

Hannah M. Eberts

Hannah M. Eberts
A-S 285: Lens Arts
Digital Photography; 8″ x 12″
Series: 4 out of 5

This is a surrealism piece that I presented in my Lens Arts class. I chose to work with milk bath images because I was very interested in the serenity of flowers but also a haziness with the milk. Besides milk, I also added some other drinks to the water to create a colored background that was similar to the colors in the flowers. I love the sense of mystery and having the feeling that something is missing since you can not see every aspect of the hands.

13 thoughts on “Hannah M. Eberts”

  1. Very interesting shoot. It works well for me when the water is brighter as opposed to dull. I’d love to see more colors. Maybe an idea for extending the series? I also prefer to see less of the arm, but I think you could make that work as well. Good job!

  2. The fourth image denotes a feeling of relaxation and peacefulness. Conceptually, the flowers in milk seems to represent a fantasy of these feelings. Compositionally, the arm and fingers poking out from the milk work to create curiosity in viewers about the full shape and size of the hand as well as what action it is taking. The colors are vibrant enough create an interesting image but not so loud that the mood of the image is more intense and exciting. The peaceful quality remains intact.

  3. I really like the way the milk is portrayed with the flowers, it gives it a mystery look as you stated. The beautiful colors of the flowers blend nicely with the water. I do like the hand holding the flowers in the picture, I would like to see a photo without the hand too. Possibly floating flowers in the water would be very interesting to see! I would try to focus more on the clarity of the photographs with the flowers being in detail, but overall I really like these photos!

  4. I do like your take on the cliche of milk bath photography. I appreciate the minimal use of effects like grain, and split toning because I feel like I’ve seen so many photos like this that are saturated with filters to appeal towards and aesthetic. The only thing I might comment on is the similarity all of the photos have with one another. Maybe try to represent the hand in different ways?

  5. These photos are lovely, but they do look a little dull; i’m thinking you were shooting indoors, as there is some glare showing in the water; If so, I would suggest experimenting outdoors, maybe with just a small tub of water, so that the natural light can really enhance the colors within your composition, and could render much deeper detail as well. Good compositions otherwise!

  6. These photos are beautiful and very peaceful. The colors are balanced well and the flowers add a good natural element! Well done!

  7. I like the series of photographs, I think it was well done to capture the milk bath and flowers. I really enjoy the second and fourth photos. The second photo has vibrant colors with the difference between the yellow and white flower which makes the yellow flower pop. The fourth photo I like for it’s subtle pop of color in the flower, but that similar colored items were utilized. This gives the imitation that’s it’s all the same with the pop of different textures.

  8. These images are so interesting. I love the composition of flowers, bath water, and a hand. The contrast of colors is also fun to look at. The second image is my favorite as the it is clean and bright. So I kind of wish other images could include less distracting information such as the arm and the bath edge.

  9. My favorite picture is the second one. It looks so vivid and colorful that it catches my eye immediately. And the composition is classic and powerful. However, I do think that your last pictrure is a little out of focus in some areas, and I think that you can definitely improve on that !

  10. These photos are very calming. The first photo looks a little dark to me, which makes it stand out from the others. You say in your artists statement that you like the mystery. I think if you wanted to make it more mysterious that you could try getting rid of the hand or adding different objects to the milky water.

  11. I felt very relaxed and at ease looking at these photographs. I love the simplicity of it and I think they make for visually interesting photographs. The last one is my favorite because I love the change in color of the milk as it moves towards the center. I also love the second one because of the contrasting colors between the hand, flowers, and milky water.

  12. The quality of these photos are amazing. My favorite picture is the first one. I love the composition, and the color is vibrant, beautiful to look at.

  13. I am in love with these photos. Milky water photographs are so pretty to look at and I like how yours give such a calm, soft, gentle feeling. The pops of yellow really bring your photos together which is something I am especially drawn to. Everything about this series is lovely!

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