12 thoughts on “Marie Herzing”

  1. I love the swirling distorted blur effect you added. Really nice tones and exposure. Definitely achieve the memory-like mood you were going for. The third image especially is very captivating; with the dark blue shadows and brighter pink flowers.

  2. One of my favorite movie “Butterfly Effects”, every time the main role using his skill to back to the past, the scene blurs which your images created the same sense of feeling. Very interesting setup and choice.

  3. Interesting optical affect of the lens. It appears to be looking through the bottom of drinking glass, making the imagery seem liquid and speaks to volume. Each photo has a distinctly different pattern in the composition as well.

  4. Your reasoning behind this set of pictures is really interesting and I certainly enjoy it! Great idea!

  5. Hi Marie,

    Really cool visual effects happening in these pictures. I love the way the colors are blending and swirling together. It’s as if the pictures are walking the line between being something of documentation and a painting. I’m particularly drawn to the first one and the last one, for different reasons. The first one reminds me of the scene in Wizard of Oz when she falls asleep in the field of poppies.

  6. This almost looks as if it was taken in the reflection of water or as if you were rolling down a hill. Overall a really unique idea and I love that it ties to happy memories of your childhood. Even before reading the description, the bright colors and wavy lines conveyed that emotion.

  7. I think this concept is very interesting; i’ve never really seen this done before in this way. I almost wish for some of these to be cropped/zoomed it to abstract it a bit more, similar to what you did with the second photo. I believe when you can see how the effect was made in the photo it “gives it away” too much and takes away from the photo overall.

  8. I think this is a very interesting concept, and think the contrast between the flower petals and the color of the background is really nice. I think the effect you are going for is very effective and beautiful in the last two photos, but could be pushed more in the first two.

  9. I love this series. The colors are great and I am very interested in how you shot these. The photos do a great job depicting your thoughts. It is a very unique idea.

  10. Shooting through a bottle was such a cool idea, and the effect is really unique! I like how the visual blur emulates the blurring of memory. Your colors are very vibrant and lovely!

  11. Your photos remind me a lot of oil paintings. It is super interesting how the colors behave by flowing into each other. My personal favorites are the last two photos. There is something so calming about them in the way that the colors complement one another. I can’t stop looking at them. Wonderful job.

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