12 thoughts on “Carissa Heinrichs”

  1. These are really spooky and moody! I know that shooting in low light conditions is super tricky, and you seemed to have worked out just the right formula to make these successful. Very cool!

  2. Very interesting topic and theme, you created the sense of haunted house and someone just going to explore the ghost. Good use of the flashlight to create shadow and motion part. Very interesting.

  3. I enjoy the collection of light art. I really like the last photo. I think it was interesting the places you chose to place the light at but the angles made for an interesting photograph. I really like the third photo. The use of the light as a focal point to the middle of your photo makes for a strong photograph. I also like the angle you took that photograph from and that it’s clear enough that you can see the textures in the wall.

  4. These photos are incredibly cinematic in a way that helps the viewer place themselves in this situation. The tension and paranoia are tangible. The mundane images of file cabinets, office doors, and what appears to be a basement are somehow transformed into an eerie landscape.

  5. I was specifically drawn to the last picture, in which you showed the space in a really unique perspective by giving the audience limited information.I personally would wish the darkness would be more of pure dark.

  6. My favorite picture is your second one where the shadows on the shelf and the projection is pretty interesting and dramatic/cinematic. Love it!

  7. It is an interesting topic. Love the last one most. Flashlights immediately draw all my attraction from the almost completely dark area and seems exploring the in the dark. It is really cool!!

  8. I like your use of lighting in this series. There is a strong sense of isolation and mystery in these pictures. I would love to see you explore this topic more and experiment with more world building.

  9. I really like the spookiness of the picture created by the lighting. It’s a really cool idea and could be used for some really cool pictures!

  10. You have done a great job at capturing mood and atmosphere in this series. I particularly liked the second and fourth ones because of how playful you were with the use of flash lights that hid the human subjects or used their shadows. I’d love to see how much you can push this series and how creative you could get; maybe using colored lighting to add dimension?

  11. I really enjoy how you have chosen to emphasize certain areas of the room with a flashlight. It reminds me of someone breaking in and trying to look for things to steal. Your pictures are very clear and precise. They all definitely go really well together and I appreciate the concise, yet varying compositions you have created. It also reminds me of a real-life simulation of a scary game. Those ones where you are only allowed a flashlight and you have to turn it off if you think a ghost is approaching you. You did a really good job in mimicking that if that was your goal.

  12. These photographs create such an intense mood. The longer you stare at them and notice small details like extra silhouettes or reflections, the more you feel like something is going to pop out and scare you. My favorite image is the third since it is so simple. It shows enough in the center to make you ask questions about the story behind it. I think that because it is so simple, it doesn’t fit well in the center of the arrangement since the others have more complexity. I would put it at the end or beginning, or make it a stand alone piece. Super creative work! I’m really interested in seeing how you manipulated the lights and reflections and pieced these images together.

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