19 thoughts on “Jacob Lee”

  1. These images do look very surreal, your focus on light and color enhances that; I thought for a second that these were underwater landscapes, or explorations of something underwater, the first image really conveys that.

  2. Slow shutter speed to capture the motion of the central fan inside the desktop. The dust is captured very well especailly in the first pic. Really great angle!

  3. I really love the neon-like colors. The bokeh and hazy look really works well with the vagueness of the objects; giving an ethereal, dreamy, sci fi vibe.

  4. Your Idea behind these photos is very interesting! The saturation and tone in the photos definitely portrays the sci-fi feeling you were hoping to accomplish, good job!

  5. After I viewed the work and read the artists statement for the work, I could immediately recognize the computer aspect of it upon a second look. I think the third frame becomes the tangible to interpret because of the text visible on the right side. However, I think there is something other worldly about the first and second frames that is photographed so well, I cannot connect what I am seeing to the inner workings of a computer. I would be interested in what this series could look like continued and the conceptual connections between sci-fi and tech.

  6. I LOVE this color. Honestly I’m not sure what exactly I’m looking at because of the way your photographed each one, they have become abstracted. The first one is most successful of the three because there’s a focal point where as the others don’t have as much in focus from what I can tell that my eyes get lost in where to look. If there was just a little more detail in focus these would be super strong. Again i love the color and abstract forms you’ve captured.

  7. Your unusual water cooling tubes looks really cool here. Your set of work looks futuristic and cinematic as well because these just looks like some computer-generated images in some sci-fi movies. Love these!

  8. You definitely found success with these photos. I had no idea what I was looking at until I read your description, and I definitely would have never guessed a computer. The colors are absolutely stunning. Whatever those specks are in the first image are my favorite part of these images.

  9. These photos are super interesting. I’m really confused, but I actually think that adds to it. The colors are beautiful and work really well together. Nice work!

  10. Wow, I love this. It would be cool if you could continue this series with other parts of our everyday life. I find the first two images particularly effective. Maybe it’s the depth. All in all, good job!

  11. I really enjoy the neon colors and hazy look in them. It gives the pictures a sci-fi look drawing people’s attention to them.

  12. You definitely achieved your surreal theme. When I first looked at these images I had no idea what I was looking at, I just knew I thought they looked cool. The second image is my favorite. I like how there is a shallow depth of field and that the orange light is in such sharp focus. I also like how the curved lines are framed and that they’re on a diagonal.
    It makes the image more dynamic and draws your eye through the piece. Really excellent.

  13. These colors are so pretty! I like how you have contrasted the two and abstracted it in some way. I am very curious as to what you actually photographed. The reflections are so pretty and really add to the composition. I also like how it isn’t just a normal photo of a neon light, it creates pretty lines that look like a painting. Great job!

  14. I love your surreal theme! These photos fit exactly to the theme for me. I wonder how you catch those particles in the first photo, is that snow or dust or something else? The second one has really great focus on the red lighting area and blur the surrounding. Interesting work!

  15. I think you did an excellent job creating space and a sense of atmosphere in the images. The color palette is also very visually compelling. In the last image, I think the illusion is broken by the visible logo and the wood grain, however.

  16. I would have never guessed that was inside of a computer until the artist statement. But i guess that was your point. Great job at executing the sense of surrealism and a larger amount of space in your photos. Great crisp images and great use of the f-stop.

  17. How you captured the computer is really interesting. I specifically like how you were able to make it appear abstract to give it that sci-fi feeling. Allowing the computer to be viewed from a different perspective creates a unique, and creative result. The color is also nicely done!

  18. The choice of using the color red compliments the turquoise tone really well. The details in the first image are really stunning, showing the smallest grains of dust. The saturation of the color also suits the theme really well. I would never have the idea of photographing my own computer and making it look like a really cool neon scene out of a movie.

  19. The use of lighting used in this piece was perfectly executed. The first image consists of a very good leading line as you follow the cable down to the fan. I really enjoyed the use of shutter speed to capture these images while having the perfect iso set. These images came out great and have a very out of this world look. I would’ve liked to see these pictures done with a colder color because I think the results would’ve been completely different.

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