5 thoughts on “Ruihan Wang”

  1. Interesting compositions, they almost seem like they’re out of a different era – that could be either from your compositions, or the use of film. The blacks seems to be just a tad dark, but you’ve rendered your whites and grays beautifully.

  2. I love that all of the photos are in black and white! The railing in the first photo creates great lines that draw your eye to the top of the stairs. I like the depth of field that you used in that photo. The second and third photos have really nice shadows that the black and white accentuates. I also like the angles you used in both of those to capture the buildings.

  3. I like your choice of BW color tone here since it gives your work of a feeling of a vintage film. Good work!

  4. I love the first image! The silhouette worked out wonderful because of all the detail in the railing. I really love the angle of the stairs too, it leads my eye through your photo. It does seem a bit dark, but I kinda like it that way because it feels suspenseful. Like I’m waiting for someone to come down those stairs. I find your last image very interesting as well because so much of it is dark. The little doorway of light is thought invoking and that quality is my favorite part of the photo.

  5. I like your choice in angles to give new sight lines and new focus on the architecture. I really like on your first picture of the railings that not every part is in focus which made me really focus on first few circles but also to appreciate the blurred parts of this photo. Almost all of your photos were taken from below looking up which made this a strong collection I almost wish that last photo could have been in the same view point, yet the positioning of the light is very appealing to the eye.

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