14 thoughts on “Xiaoyue Pu”

  1. I love your use of complimentary colors, it really makes the composition strong. I could definitely see these being used as high fashion ads; the model seems comfortable and natural at posing, great shots!

  2. Great job on the setup. Using vegetable and fruits as human being’s bodies. I think you’re really good at creating very unique and abstract objects and I personally consider it as fashion. Besides good positioning and great theme and idea, your photoshop skills are also good. I can see the temp and color adjustment is very nature and give the model stronger expression.

  3. Love the setup, soft lighting and the red tones! Background really blends in with the model’s makeup and outfit. Really nice balanced contrast and shadows as well.

  4. The colors in these photos are fantastic. It adds a super dramatic element to photos that are not so dramatic when it comes to subject. The angles and framing in these photos are strong and creates a strong composition, good job!

  5. Your work is always so thoughtful and precise. The color choice is extremely rich and the use of fruits as a means to compliment your color base was a smart choice; I enjoy that the two objects you used in the first photograph are different both in color and type of fruit.

  6. The composition and subject matter of these photos are incredibly elegant. I wish they were a tad brighter but overall these images are very successful. I love the creative take on still life as a portrait.

  7. YASSSS these are amazing. I saw these on the Vogue Italia website and fell in love. which by the way congrats, that is amazing! There is a great humor to these photos and it works very well with the color palette that you worked with. The first photo has some personality to it, and i think if you did more using that one as a gage, maybe include some more motion or dynamic poses you could come out with more interesting photos as well. Great job

  8. Gorgeous photos! The application of colors and textures are sensually very rich. They border between renaissance paintings and fashion photography, merging the two in order to create a sub-commentary on resources and consumption of food. Rarely are food products photographed for aesthetic wear and it has a provocative affect. Congrats on the admittance!

  9. Love this fashion set because of the sharp contrast between the red and green colors. And your work can generate some interesting interpretions as well. Great work! Keep on going!

  10. I love the images and the colors you chose. They contrast so perfectly. I also like how the vegetables reference fashion garments. Great work!

  11. I’m still so blown away by your work and cannot wait to see where you go from here. The focus on color and detail really stand out to me. Also, your posing is innovative and interesting. Fantastic!

  12. The colors are amazing in these two photos! I love the creativeness of gesture and props. There’s not only the contrast of colors but also the contrast of texture between different objects, which make the photos pop out!

  13. These images are very strong. The usage of leafy greens as hair really pushes the surrealism of the series. I do wonder if the images would look cleaner without the wire dangling off of the head on the first image. Your usage of complementary colors and framing in both images is superb.

  14. I love the color choice in these photos. The reflections of red and pink in the second photo from the flower, to the models cheek, to the sweater and the backdrop is very striking. I think the juxtaposition between the fruits and vegetables and the human face is fascinating. I also like the use of twine and plastic netting in the first mage that reminds the viewer of face veils as well as plastic waste. Great job!

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