5 thoughts on “Abby Kohler”

  1. This series is so beautiful. I love the amount of detail you’ve captured and how you changed your depth of field to put more focus on the subjects in the foreground. You also have framed your subjects really well. I also like how the lines of the path lead up to the dog in the middle photograph. This series feels really real, like I’m there too and I really enjoy that aspect. Great work

  2. I remember critiquing this series and I really enjoy this 3 photo series. I think you did a really good job of picking the 3 best photos to document your story. The compositions also vary which adds to a nice group of diverse photos conveying the same subject. The colors are also nice because they portray a real-life colors. Love your documentation photos Abby!

  3. You did a good job with the storytelling with these three pictures. The scene is beautiful and well put together. The first picture has great texture and contrast with the dark sky and yellow grass. You may want to look into long exposure during the day. For Scenic shots on slightly windy days, it gives a very buttery texture and some interesting effects.

  4. I think this set of photos succeeds in telling a kind of short story. It establishes a setting, and is all in all very succinct. Also, I really like the color palette in these photographs. There’s a real warmth to the amber/golden setting that offsets the cold implied by the jacket and bare trees.

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