19 thoughts on “Xiaoyue Pu”

  1. What really draws me in is how weird the environment you’ve created feels; meaning the colors, the black lipstick, the yellow gloves, etc. It really portrays a grostque atmosphere and it is even more emphasized in the body language and facial expression on the model – saying “what are you looking at” kind of. It’s intriguing and makes me want to know more about what else is going on that I’m not seeing. You were also able to make the candy look gross and resemble worms or something that is influenced by the environment you’ve created. well done

  2. Your colors are absolutely stunning in these photos. The color shifts make me want to keep staring at your images and to keep diving more into the details of the photo. The second photo especially does not let your eyes leave the photograph. The shadows also really help to mimic your color shifts and body language. I also like how you got the model to pose in a way that doesn’t look too awkward. I can definitely see why Vogue has chosen this picture because it just screams high fashion surreallness. I want to see more photos in this series if you have more!

  3. I like the way you composed color in the image. Each color is very strong and saturated color so it makes the image impressive. Also the model’s face expression looks so great. Great pic.

  4. Your use of color in these two photos helps to create extremely compelling compositions. In the first photo I really like your use of primary colors in the first photo. It creates a great contrast and gives the photo a pop art feel. Very well done.

  5. You really make good use of strong color contrast effects and put these into your photography. Yellow, green and red, which are really strong against each other, were greatly put onto the model. Really love your work! Good job!

  6. Very interesting images, especially the second one. The lighting works well, color works well, value range is wide, and the composition is nice for this image. This photo shows the personality that you want to capture, and this photo could be used in professional magazine, well done.

  7. This series is so visually interesting, with a ton of elements that clash in just a way that makes it work. It really creates a feeling I can’t quite put my finger on, from the candy to the cleaning gloves and the models expression. Its all very odd in a really pleasant way.

  8. I think the contrast of these colors really make the picture look good. These are interesting photos, they make you wonder what she is doing in them. The different colors really work well with each other.

  9. I think this is a very striking series of images. The use of disparate props and elements, each with bold primary colors, the red licorice, the yellow gloves, the black lipstick, create an incredibly unnerving feeling in the images. This feeling is further conveyed through the posing of the model with the oddly carried posture and intense stare.

  10. I really like these two images. I think the thing that grabbed my attention instantly was the interesting and bright colors. The first photo specifically was odd and made me wonder what was going on. The plain background allows the viewer to focus on the subject in both images and the second photo follows the rule of thirds. The first photo has some flow to it do to the candy (or whatever it might be) in her mouth. It guides the eye around the photo. These images are great!

  11. Your use of color is stunning. The photos are so vivid and feel incredibly high fashion. The yellow gloves and color scheme tie the images together. I think the expression on the subjects face is so sharp and it’s what really captivated me at first.

  12. I lovvvveeee your photos!!! I love fashion photography and overall studio work but yours is exceptionally well done! I love the colors, sharpness, composition, and creative thoughts on what the subject should be wearing! The only suggestion that I have is to use a white background for the first photo instead of gray because it looks more appealing and professional.

  13. This is really amazing work! The colors are so vibrant and the clothing choice works so well with the posing/expression of your subject. I could really see these being in vogue or any other fashion magazine!

  14. Incredible and colorful set of pictures you have. Love the mix of use of color lighting and eerie mix of objects to show a fashionable and beautiful portrait. I really appreciate that you decide to break the common and cliche norms of portrait picture and still create a great composition.

  15. These images are so otherworldly and cool! I love your usage of color, the way you have primarily green and blues with the pops of red and yellow. I also love the way your model is composed, how she blends into the blue background with her blue shirt and her black lipstick and the stringiness of her hair.

  16. Your use of color in these photos is so beautifully done. I was captivated at first glance and after. Your attention to detail is amazing, and the model is captured in a very creative and innovative way. Lovely work and these are perfect for Vogue!

  17. Xiaoyue – this set is full of color and life. The rubber gloves are utilized very interestingly and unexpectedly. The model’s gesture and hair really draw us into her gaze. The twizzlers take on a whole new meeting in the first image. You did a great job with the creative design of this shoot – every element is well thought out and creates something really special that you should be so proud of!!

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