photography, U of Wisconsin, Madison

Brenna Petersen

Brenna Petersen
Art 376 – Photography
Film Photography Prints and Watercolor
Not in a series

I used watercolor to add some color and life (literally) to the trees and other plants in these photos. Due to the unpredictable weather in Wisconsin these past months, spring has not really begun for the plants around town so, while the weather is nice, there is little greenery.

16 thoughts on “Brenna Petersen”

  1. I love the stark contrast of the green against the black and white photo’s. It is very indicative of Wisconsin winters; I immediately knew where you were coming from. I think it’d be interesting/surreal to take similar photos, but replace the green with unusual colors too.

  2. I love how you used watercolor to make your scenery change to what you would like to see. After first glancing I thought you used contrasting editing but love that if was a painting edit.

  3. I’m easily attracted to works that meld mediums together, and I would have never thought to combine film photography with watercolor. I think what you’re doing here is interesting, introducing the landscape with greenery that they can’t seem to grow themselves. It adds a softness to an otherwise stark image. I think my favorite is the first one because of how the watercolor trails from one side of the composition to the other.

  4. I love the color green in the photos. At first glance, it looks like the color is part of the photo but that’s not actually the case, which makes it much more interesting. Nice work!

  5. The contrast is striking, I love how you literally painted onto your photographs! It creates a whimsical look, like we are in reality but… are we?

  6. This contrast is pretty awesome. The first picture is really cool. I love how you made the trees pop out by making everything else black and white and bringing up the contrast and hues of green. Sometimes you worry about it being overkill, but not here. Looks great!

  7. Amazing! I like the great contrast in the above photos especially the first one. The highlighted green give more energy to the old, black and white building. Also the green color gravitate the focus of audience.

  8. The composition of each individual image is working, but the background white is too much bright, you could reduce the output light a little bit. Those green area are really awesome.

  9. I definitely thought these were digitally manipulated at first glance! Very cool technique to take to your photos, your precision with the water colors make the leaves look truly a part of the trees. As someone else had mentioned, trying this with unnatural colors could be really intriguing, and might take you down the path to surrealism.

  10. These photos are striking; they dig into what this could be exploring conceptually, especially with such strong contrast, empty skies, and mix of mediums. The darkness you have created over the buildings makes me consider the possibilities of commentary on the city of Madison, current societal/cultural detachment from nature, the monotony of people here,etc. There are many ways to interpret these pieces which makes it a compelling piece to think about.

  11. I really like your last photograph the best because you can’t tell if it is watercolor or photograph. I know that it’s both but it looks really cool how you have abstracted the images together. I don’t really enjoy the second image as much because it mainly just looks like an overly concentrated portrait of the city. I realize that it is water color, but it looks more like a photoshop emphasis. I think it would be better if you got rid of the red outline over the the orpheum sign because then your focus is more on the green watercolor on the trees than the orpheum. If you did that, then the series would all go very well. I also enjoy that you have varied your compositions, yet, the focus is still on the trees.

  12. I really liked the choice of your theme for your pictures!!! They all have very detailed meaning in each of them. in each of them, green is really eye-catching and contrast are not that dark compared to green so it seems really pleasant to eyes. I liked your thinking behind the pictures.

  13. This is such a different and unique use of prints from film photography. In the beginning I thought that those pictures where Photoshoped to only show the green in them, but, after reading your comment, I realized it was actually watercolor painted over the paper. I love how you actually brought color to black-and-white photography and still make it look black and white photography. The composition of all of her pictures works well.

  14. This is a really creative technique that I wasn’t aware of. I love the contrast of the green against the black and white prints. The images by thesmelves are beautiful, but I agree with the photographer that the addition of the green on all the trees adds vibrancy and life to all the pictures. My favorite image is the fourth one, it has a really nice vantage point and the shadow of the branches looks nice, as well. The addition of the green watercolor paint is subtle on this one, and gives the whole scene a feeling of it being a painting rather than a picture. I would love to see more work with this technique, as well as try it out myself!

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