13 thoughts on “Bryce Herlache”

  1. Really interesting collection. I like the presence sunlight in every photo. The first photo is very intriguing and the black&white works really well. Good range of contrasts

  2. I really like your second image. The focus is put on the second sink and third sink rather than the closest one. The reflection lights of taps really fit with the black and white photography. Since there is no one in the image, it actually makes people feel the quietness of restroom like late at night or the early morning.

  3. My favorite of this series is the last picture. It’s use of negative space is very effective and the placement of the sun adds a natural gradient to the photo – also creating linear lines that run to the subject (the text) of the picture.

  4. I really love the first picture! I feel black and white landscapes are hard to successfully capture, but you did it so well. I LOVE the way the sunlight spreads across the image and draws the viewer in. I feel there is a great gradation in the snow as well and it looks very nice. Good work!

  5. these are a very interesting set of images in the collection. I love the second image of the sink, the blurry foreground and clear middle ground makes the image that much more mysterious. Nice!

  6. I like how the photographer made this photograph in black and white. It almost makes it look like film photography. It also makes the silos and trees appear as silhouettes which is really cool. I really like how you can see the sun flares and the details of the foot prints and waves in the snow. Overall, I think this is a great photograph, and the only thing I would possibly change is cropping the image a little bit on the right because there’s a lot going on in the background on that side.

  7. I really like how you used the rue of thirds in the last picture. I really like how the Tech lounge is not the center of the picture, it is off right. The sky gives it an interesting feel, I’m glad you kept the buildings in and did not crop them out.

  8. I like the black and white style of three photos because it can create more contrast with different part of positive and negative space. Furthermore, it can make the pictures more balance and natural. I love the last photo you take. The top of the building crate lines and weight the focal point on those words.

  9. there is an interesting similarity between the first two photos in this series. The sun glare and the flash glare on the faucet create a connection between these two photos whose subject matters are very different. This is a very cool effect.

  10. I really like how these pictures where put into black and white and still allow for the sunlight to be shown in every picture. The glare from the sun gives the middle picture a really cool outcome

  11. I really love the contrast between the burst of light in the background in the images against the white and black. I also love how the light bounces off of certain objects within two of the photos.

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