13 thoughts on “Cameron Smith”

  1. These images have such a strong sense of retail attached to them. I feel like I’m shopping on a website when I look at them, so I feel you really captured the professional aspect for the look book and I do enjoy it. The middle image in particular is my favorite because of the way her left arm frames the patch. Great job!

  2. I really like your tone that everything looks bright and soft. The white background makes the images more concise and makes the person more outstanding. The colors of clothes correspond to the white background: blue, pink and white – all are bright colors. Overall I think you really did a good job!

  3. I love the use of the patch on differing tones to make it stand out. I think it worked the best on the blue cap because blue and yellow are close enough to complimentary colors so it works well and makes the colors pop. Great job!

  4. The warm color palate and bright lighting in these photographs looks so professional! The angle that you photographed the model and product is very unique too and draws attention to the patch in an artistic and marketable way. Super cool work!

  5. I agree with Lampshire that this particular set of image has a strong sense of retail to them and they look professionally lit. Very fitful to be on a retail ad or fashion magazine.

  6. I really enjoy how you have kept the integrity of the persons natural skin color in relation to the other colors you have shown here. The blues and the pinks are very pastel and I think it also goes well with the product that you are representing. It is very street-styleesque in the way that she is accessorized and it all goes well together. You’ve also done a good job in keeping all of the focus on the products and nothing else. The white space you have added allows for this to happen. I really want to see the rest of the photos in this series!

  7. These are some great retail shots, nice and clean. overall the color balance and lighting is very well done. I would like to see what other shots you got in terms of variation in perspective and maybe being a bit more playful in not only the product placement but the model’s interaction and body language as well, especially because the product is so playful in character.

  8. Referring to the 3rd image—I think I like how this image isn’t following the rule of thirds. I think for an image like this in particular it is important for the subject to be in the middle of the photograph. I like the light colors in the image with the white background as well. In addition, I like how we can’t see the girl’s eyes. It leaves some mystery in the photograph which we wouldn’t have if she was looking directly at the camera.

  9. This series are more like showing advertisement of the burger, the composition works very well in this kind of photo. You could use light to enhence the reflection of light of your model, which will make the image sharpener.

  10. I like this series and think the colors could be even more vibrant/ paint the background perfectly white to make the model stand out even more! But great composition especially in the first two.

  11. I really like this series! Feel like I’m shopping online. Showed different style for this patch, really interesting and fashion. I like how you make the model do her gesture, looks relax but also show the detail for the patch.

  12. These images look so simple yet very well thought out. The simplicity of placing the subject in the middle creates a sole focus on the person itself. The theme of the custom bagel patches compliments all images perfectly. The subject is well in focus and in good lighting. Overall, this is a really good series.

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