9 thoughts on “Dominique Russell”

  1. I’m not sure if there is a theme to your photos or not, but I’m assuming not for right now. Although, they are similar in the fact that they all contain long vertical lines in each photo.
    The first image kind of looks like it has been done with a color film camera because of its coloring and blurriness, at least compared to your second video which looks pretty sharp. It’s interesting to see three different process by the same photographer because you definitely get a sense of similarity between all of them, regardless of process.

  2. Hello, this a quite the assortment of photos that are all different, it’s nice I like it. What exactly did you use for your cyanotype? It looks like a flower but I’m not sure what kind of flower it is. The end results look fantastic though.

  3. I really like pictures of landscapes or buildings. The simplicity of the first picture makes it interesting. It is just a very nice edit. The third picture is very abstract and interesting. Two completely different edits, two completely different feels.

  4. The low saturation seen in these images gives it a feeling of both age and nostalgia. The first photo of the series especially. I enjoy this, paired with the POV kinda angle, because it reminds me almost of a movie still — or a photo used as evidence of someones calm upbringing.

  5. i think the first picture is the one that catches my eyes in the bunch at first because of the a bit overexposed snowy ground sort of looks like a white paper to me since the details are lost. But I think it is an interesting idea that you do it that way.

  6. The first photo in this series is my favorite. I really like the muted colors and timed feeling of the photo. It makes it more interesting!

  7. I’m unsure if there is a theme or underlying condition that connects these photographs or not, but I’m picking up on similarities in my own right. For example, the first two are similar in that they represent New York in different ways – one frames it in a small way, through neighborhood and domesticity, the other through the cold, unsympathetic exterior of what appears to be a sky scraper or office building. I like that these two photographs are paired with yet another cold (from being blue) but more abstract image of the cyanotype.

  8. I really enjoy your use of color in these pictures. Your use of lines and shapes also adds to the appeal of the pictures. In the first picture, I like how the tree is parallel with the sign which is parallel to the pole in the background. The fence is also perfectly parallel to the lines on the house. Each of these aspects make the picture pleasing to the eye.

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