14 thoughts on “Emily Cebasek”

  1. Repetition and color here is used to create such a millennial aesthetic: clean lines, arbitrary subjects, and saturated colors. I enjoy the playfulness we get with the bears, along with the playful framing. These are frames within frames within frames which make the photo easy to devour with the eyes.

  2. Love these squares and circles. The images looks pleasingly colorful and repeated in order. The colors and shape of the little bears work well with the filters. Cute and creative work. Only one suggestion, I feel like it might be better if the composition is more symmetric.

  3. I really liked how you used the bears to keep the color scheme the same throughout all the pictures, its very ascetically pleasing.

  4. I love the diverse group of colors that while different, they work together in harmony making it very pleasing to the eye. I also enjoy how youthful this photo feels with its vibrant colors and the bears used in it, it makes this set of photos definitely give off an uplifting tone.

  5. Love the repetition and color contrast theme here. The third and fourth picture looks coherent to me since the lines in the circles in the fourth picture looks like they are connected to each other. Very interesting way of aligning your picture!

  6. I love the gradient of the colors in your photos. It shows the deep pigments that they have. I view it as a color chart, but in an abstract way. Even the use of the 3D form bears, it gives the sense playfulness. I want to see it bigger with even more colors and other child like objects. It is also a good size for the circles because having them too small might loose the feeling that it gives.

  7. The colors in these photos are very eye catching. The richness of the colors within their limited spaces in the photos creates an interesting effect. I also like the repetition throughout the series. I also like the repetition in the photos with the bears all facing the same way more than those with the break of the bears in a different position.

  8. I really like this image in that the color patterns are pleasing to the eye. I like how it’s not perfectly symmetrical as well. I think the use of the bears was a really playful idea. In addition, I believe those squares are filters used in the darkroom, and with that being said, I think it’s really cool that the photographer incorporated that aspect of film photography into the digital world. My only criticism is that maybe a stronger light source could have been used to create stronger shadows within the image.

  9. I really like your series because it is so colorful. I personally would brighten the photos more and add in a little more contrast, but that could be totally different from what you wanted. I like that you keep the integrity of your colors, and they do look true to color. I also think it’s interesting that you have abstracted these images by scanning them in and then cropping out what the actual objects of these are. Really cool work!

  10. These photos would be so interesting as a big grid on a wall. The slight distortion between the 3rd and 4th photo makes me wonder if that was intentional or not (how they nearly flow into each other, but not quite). As Susu mentioned, a little more contrast would really make these pop.

  11. I really enjoy the patterns and whimsy in your images! I think the pops of bright colors, mixed with the teddy bears make it really light-hearted and fun to look at. Maybe next time you could throw in a different animal or character to add additional interest or contrast it a bit more to bring out more details in the bears that, in some, are lost.

  12. These images are so playful. The fun pops of color stand out and work really well with the bears you chose. The first one is probably my favorite just because it looks so striking with all the bears facing up, but I also think the bears facing multiple ways is striking when used together because it’s almost like this perfect little bear world has been disrupted.

  13. I like the repetition and bright colors used through the pictures. The lines used in the last couple photos create a real interesting effect that I enjoy

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