17 thoughts on “Emily Cherti”

  1. I really enjoy the first two photos you have posted. They are very dramatic and I get that sense of emotion that you mentioned. I think the soft focus of the background and the high contrast within the images really help create that drama.

  2. Hi Emily! I really like your photos. I believe your theme is about nature, or more specifically about plants (or flowers). You made the camera focus on a specific flower rather than all of them, which makes the overall look of the image amazing. Making the photos into black and white images further increases the pure feeling about nature and the object itself.

  3. You do a really good job capturing the life of these living things in a sad but beautiful way. The contrast in all of the photos is really good and emphasizes the shape of the forms. In the top two photos, the white flower looks elegant but sad.

  4. Emily, I’m drawn to the pictures for the simplicity in the black and white while showing such detail in the texture of the pictures.The petals show a delicate almost soft appearance with a fragile side while the root picture shows a rough, hard and aged texture but shows where the growth for such beauty begins. The pictures compliment each-other while still showing opposite surfaces. Thank you for sharing,

  5. That last photo is so striking. It has everything to do with the composition for me: the photo follows rule of thirds both vertically and horizontally. That framing makes the photo aesthetically pleasing and easy to spend time reflecting over.

  6. I really like the way you took the color out of the pictures. It gives it a completely different feeling rather than if you were to keep the color in. The last picture is a really interesting angle, I like it.

  7. Love the attention to details that black and white photos have brought! My favorite one from this set would be the last one since the details is very rich.

  8. Those pictures are great and beautiful. Black and white image can show more detail and reflect the texture of the object. I love the last one most. It shows the texture of the tree and the ground. Also the black and white style also enhance the feeling of time in this image.

  9. I like your idea of how you say, we don’t see images of nature in black in white, which is very true. The point of nature is to get the full imagery of what nature gives us which is color/happiness… peace and flowers are specifically suppose to have very vibrant colors. I would pick the first, second and fourth picture for the series because the third one, there are to many things going on. And the rest of the images you are showcasing the detail of the single tree trunk and the single and the other two flowers fall into the background.

  10. The photos of the flowers are exposed very well. The blacks and whites are very rich and the deep contrast creates a strong emotional feeling. It allows the beauty of the flowers to shine through without color.

  11. Indeed, there are still lots of photographers taking picture of black and white flowers. The first picture is your strongest one in the series. The composition works very well, and the value range is wide, which people can see the hierarchy and the subject directly.

  12. Your tones are really beautiful in this series, that can be hard to achieve in a way that keeps consistencies throughout, but you have done this successfully. The tree photo does stand out to me just because it’s so unlike the others, but other than that these are really nice.

  13. I’m a sucker for beautiful black and white nature shots so this set definitely caught my eye. I think you could edit out the first two shots and only include the last two. The last two (zoomed out flowers and the tree trunk) are absolutely beautiful with great detail and I believe the first two are not as captivating, and they are too similar that I don’t find them necessary to be included. The third and fourth shots are great in detail and have a great range of values that they can hold a strong ground on their own.

  14. I really enjoy how defined the details are in the flowers regardless to the lack of color. You also did an amazing job balancing out the lights and shadows.

  15. These are so beautiful to look at, I think with a lot of nature photography there is this focus on the colors but your tones are so elegant. The B&W really helps here to emphasize the detail in the flower and the mood of the photo as opposed to the color of the scenery.

  16. I am drawn to your images because like you said nature is not typically in black and white. The first two photos are especially beautiful and dramatic. The black and white also helps you focus on details you may not always pay attention to.

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