24 thoughts on “Geoffrey Rogers”

  1. Hi Geoffrey!
    Nice to see your photos here! As you always did, you used double exposure (or maybe even triple) making these images quite interesting. Each scene was added with some words which kind of like it is referring back to some special meaning. Overall you really did a good job!

  2. I love how you created a narrative by combining neutral everyday scenes and thoughtfully curated public signs using multiple exposure techniques. These photographs remind me of the text art of Jenny Holzer.

  3. This really reminds me of those days when you’ve been driving in the car for a long time and it’s gotten dark out and you’ve kind of forgotten where you are in the moment. All of these lights are blaring at you and you kind of just go into an entranced mode driving through this tunnel of light. You’ve captured this feeling really well by overlapping these common traffic light features over images of other cars driving past. It all meshes together very well, especially the second to the last image. You’ve added a motion to this image that almost feels like it’s moving as I look at it. Really creative!

  4. I’m a huge fan of how the text was added to these photographs. It’s nice that the text is short and sort of gives the photographs a collage feel. My favorite of these is the Free Emergency picture, because there’s so much motion in the picture. Next to the motion of the car and lights in the background, the addition of “free” in front of emergency gives it a sort of dark irony to the photo.

  5. There’s something somber, yet relatable in these images. By superimposing multiple images on top of one another it really creates a sense of chaos and turmoil. What a well done, unique idea!

  6. I like the blurriness of some of the pictures. The way you made these images gives off a feeling of confusion and makes them a lot more interesting. The black and white makes for a daunting mood in the pictures, looks awesome!

  7. I really like the way you created the blurriness in a few of these pictures. It gives off the feeling of confusion. This mixed with the black and white give off a daunting feel. Pictures with layers look a lot more interesting, looks awesome!

  8. I really enjoy the last image you have created. I love the way the background seems abstract at first, but then I realize it’s the capitol building. It’s really quite a beautiful shot, and the text on top makes it even more interesting. I almost wish there weren’t the lines from around the sign, but I kind of like the internal rectangle and how it has a heavier line around the top and left side. Very neat work, I like it.

  9. These images are amazing! It is visually comforting looking at these pictures as you did a great job on manipulating the space between text and real life subjects. And the blurriness in every photo created a sense of time flowing. Your work reminds me of those old avant-darde films. Love it.

  10. I was really drawn into this picture by the style the blurriness creates a haze feeling and draws you into it with just everyday scenes

  11. Those photos are really great. I like the combination of the words and the object. It is incredible that the object shows ghosting and words are really clear. Very nice.

  12. love the way that you manipulated these photos and I think they look pretty refreshing and creative. Except for the last one where I can recognize that it is taken inside the capitol building, the rest of the images are all really intriguing to me because of the text that you add on.

  13. These are beautiful! The photo manipulation is gorgeous, and having them in black and white, in my opinion completes the look. Everything is so seamless, it looks like you did it all on the computer.

  14. Hi Geoffrey,

    Really enjoying these photographs. Definitely a narrative being created with the text that’s used. Kind of reminiscent of Jenny Holzer’s work in a way. The multiple exposures, combining landscape and motion with text, makes for a successful overall image. I particularly like the “Violators Will Be Accepted” photograph.

  15. These photos are very interesting! The organization of the clippings are chaotic but also intentional. These photos have a cool pop art vibe to them. Well done!

  16. I enjoy you used multiple exposures/layers or windows to create illusory moments. The movements and texts correspond or contrast against each other to send a message in a more meaningful way

  17. I like your photos, they are made in darkroom, that’s awesome. The Ghost effect works very well, and it takes long time to do muitiple layers.

  18. These are so cool! Your tones are spot on, and the contrast between image and text is so good. I hope to see more of these on the blog, the words activate the images in a really interesting way.

  19. The sense of irony that comes through these words along with the images are fantastic and take these works to another level. Making these composite images out of multiple exposures in the darkroom and still making sure that all your tones were spot on is incredibly impressive. Aside from your last photo, there’s a sense of organized chaos which seems like could be a commentary on urban life. Overall these are awesome and technically great, the only thing that doesn’t sit right with me with these prints are the small stains that can be found on some.

  20. These images turned out chaotic in the best way. There’s an incredible feeling of disorientation and movement that make my head spin but I can’t stop looking at it. These experiments turned out very well.

  21. I love the chaotic feeling of these photos and the ways in which you chose to combine negatives in order to create a specific meaning. This style of photography always fascinates me and I think it provokes thought amongst the audience, forcing them to actually think about an image and what it is trying to say.

  22. Amazing collage style composition with negatives. The integration of text in the images does gives a better insight in your creative process and objective in taking pictures like that. The abstraction and superposition in some of the photographs are very interesting and creative. Great work at using negative in an unusual way and breaking the rules to create beautiful compositions.

  23. It is intriguing how you were able to utilize common scenery and transform it into something new. The text in the photos has a powerful effect, and there does seem to be a story being told. These photos evoke a lot of thought, and you did a great job of making the photos feel unified. Very interesting and innovative.

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