Binghamton University, photography

Lillian Do

Lillian Do
ARTS 497- Special Studios Project in Photography
Digital prints on satin paper; 11″x17″

What is intimacy? It’s a question that is often left unresolved or forgotten due to today’s confusing dating culture. Are we just friends? What is more than friends? To feel intimate, do feelings need to be involved? Does there have to be a physical and mental connection? Between all the labels and different expectations we hold for a significant other, defining what makes intimacy a part of a relationship starts to get lost. Following the hourney of a few couples all at different stages of their relationships, this series captures moments of the progression of body language. It focuses on the gentle touch happening between two individuals, when hanging out in the comfort of their own bedroom at night.

20 thoughts on “Lillian Do”

  1. I think you did a really good job expressing all of the questions in your artist statement. Just looking at your photos before I even read it, I understood the concept you were going for. I think choosing to do black and white photos helped your idea and they all have a very good composition.

  2. The first image is really strong. I love its composition and it has really rich values that make the scene feel intimate and dramatic. In comparison the other images feel kind of flat. They don’t have that great tonal gradation that the first image has, and their compositions are on the right track, but just not as strongly executed. I think this is a very interesting series and would like to see where else it takes you.

  3. I think it is really effective to use very small depth of field to show the theme of “intimacy.” It draws attention to the moments of touching. My favorite is the second photo. I’m confused about the gesture, but I’m enjoying this confusion as well with its composition. It is a special angle and gesture that the photographer owns, and the blank on the top gives space for audience to breath and wonder.

  4. I personally don’t like the low contrast and lighting, but I understand the choices. I get that you are trying to “hide” these intimate moments through photography to really show how close these people are to each other. It also adds a little bit of romanticism to the photos as well because these moments are usually in the dark. I also enjoy how you have abstracted the angles of these intimate moments. It creates for a captivating composure that you usually don’t see in a normal couple’s photo.

  5. I think you did a good job conveying the subject of intimacy here. With these kinds of close up shots, it could be easy to surpass sensual and breach sexual territory, but you didn’t let that happen. I think the second and third images work better than the other two because of this ambiguity, allowing more interpretation from the viewer. Overall good job!

  6. I like your theme! I think you tried to use darker printing to create a feeling of “secret” aura, which corresponds to your theme of intimacy. The printing is pretty clear and the coloring is nice. Your focus on lip, body etc. which are all important places to interact with other for intimacy. Interesting idea! Great job!

  7. love the choice of you shooting this picture in B&W, really captures and accentuates the details of the body shape. And the dark tone of these set of pictures really create that sense of intimate and private feeling that intimate portraits gives to the audience. Great Job!

  8. The dark tones in these photos create a deeper emotional feeling throughout the series. They are so intimate and you have definitely evoked the intimate feeling you were trying to get across. Well done!

  9. The concept is really fascinating and you did a great job sending the messages to viewers. I love the perspectives you chose to capture the moments of intimacy, presenting the interesting relations between two bodies or maybe two souls. I would like to see more of your work but wonder if you can make the lighting stronger so the contrast would be harder.

  10. The tonal range of greys in your images are soft yet dive dark enough to be lost in the edges of the frame.It is just dark enough to evoke the idea of privacy and intimacy. But it also begs the question, what does intimacy look like in the light? What does non-romantic/sexual intimacy present itself as?

  11. These photographs are so gorgeous. I think you did an amazing job of representing intimacy in a very soft way, and I think your choice to do them in black and white makes a great contribution to that. I love the framing you did as I think the closeness of the shots adds to the “closeness” of the moment you captured.

  12. I really love these images. the intimacy is very strong in the images and I love how they are framed. I think the close frame adds to the intimate feeling adding a sense of touch. The images make you feel the closeness and warmth the models are exhibiting. very well done!

  13. I really like the pictures and they were self explanatory, so I didn’t needed to write your artist statement. they are really strong for there topic, and they are captured at at right time and from right angle. You took Awesome pictures!!

  14. I love the question you arise here. I especially like that each picture isn’t necessarily “sexy,” which adds to the appeal of the picture. A person isn’t necessarily uncomfortable by what’s inferred in the picture either, but they are still personal because the subjects faces remain cropped out (I believe this is a strong artistic choice).

  15. These images have great composition and tone about them. They capture exactly what you were aiming for and it’s done well. I think the first image may be a little cliche but it still works with the set of four. Thank you for sharing.

  16. I really love the composition of each of these photos because it exploits the intimate nature of this series. I think you did a good job and picking the areas of the body to shoot at the correct angles!

  17. I love that you chose to do black & white for these photos. I think it sets the mood and helps bring clarity. There is no color to distract the eye which I think helps the viewer stay focused on the subject matter of the photo. I think some of the shadows made the photos dark and hard to see though. Overall, awesome series!

  18. These photos are beautiful, and I love the concept of this series and the questions you are prompting. However, I notice in these that the gentle touch is happening with skin on skin contact. This prompts me to ask myself can these sorts of touches still bring about intimacy when there is fabric or material in between. Or does it require some contact of skin.

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