17 thoughts on “Mitchell R”

  1. I love the playfulness in the first image. Very creative. The second image has really nice colors, symmetry, and repetition in shapes.

  2. Hi Mitchell!
    I really like the idea you used in the first image that you made use of the crystal ball and put image into the ball. This really makes the image look amazing! You also make the image in the crystal ball upside-down, indicating it is a scenario from the ball. This kind of makes me feel that you are trying to tell the reader that the stories or things happen in the ball are not true. It is really a image that facilitate people to think and imagine!

  3. I enjoy looking at these photos because of their sense of “organized disorder”. In the first picture, the hand and foreground are so soft and lead the viewer to the commotion of the image in the hand, which is mesmerizing trying to pick apart the scene upside down. The second image is full of linear elements from the geometry of the building, but is also filled with more ornate patterns from the fire escape, shadows, and windows. I think the second photo could use a bit more exposure or lighter shadows so that we can see more of the patterns in the building. Very nicely composed!

  4. The second photo fits within the rule of 3rds vertically, and makes uses of negative space properly. The shadows and angles of the building give it a depth, while the sky’s blue hue gives it a sort-of backlighting that makes the fore-image an emphasis. The wrestling of blue and red is almost non-existent, both colors complimenting and each other. This image is very balanced, the blue of the window reflection the perfect yang to the yin of grounding go the red building in the bottom right.

  5. I really like how this photograph is compositioned. I like how the ball in not directly in the center and how the wrist and hand holding the ball leads the viewer’s eyes to the focal point. I also like the depth of field used. I think the photograph would have been totally different if the background wasn’t blurred out and there were distractions. The only criticism I have is that there could have been something a little more interesting in the ball. While it’s cool because it’s upside down, I think it could have been better if it was easier to tell what the subject was / what was going on.

  6. Love the geometry of the ladder in your second image. Also love the contrasty look of the shadow of the ladder and the wall behind it. Maybe crop in for best effect for the audience to focus on the interesting part of the picture.

  7. I really enjoy the simpleness of the second picture, the blue and red colors contrast very nicely making the building seem to pop out. The shadows of the building give it a nice depth.

  8. I was drawn to your first picture by your creative view of showing the world upside-down. The picture is interesting and complex. I agree with the previous post that the shadow on the building does show depth and the lines of the fire escape seem to disappear into the shadow beneath. Nice lines with the building rising up without having the building totally centered top to bottom.

  9. I’m interested to hear what your focus was during this shoot. Both images go really well together in terms of color scheme and somewhat on the subject as well. I think the change in perspective is very nice and I would encourage you to continue to change that up and explore that option.

  10. I don’t know if this is a series or just for fun, but I like the idea of your first photo. The warped perspective makes it feel like you’re in another dimension. I think it would be interesting if you did more photos with that idea but in different locations. I also think if you added some color, it would look really cool because you would be able to reflect colors and other items in there. As for the second photo, I think you should add a little more sky in the top right corner because it looks kind of dense with your buildings. Besides that, I really like the angle you took on them and it shows the character of whatever city you’re in pretty well.

  11. I like the vibe of the 2 pictures. The first picture creates a really interesting look by focusing on what is shown on the glass ball and blur out the surroundings. It draws the audiences’ attention to the content of what’s been shown on the ball. Besides, it is turned to upside-down, therefore, it makes this photograph even more interesting to look at. However, I would prefer to move the camera a little bit and make the ball be in the center of the photograph, just to make it seem a bit more aesthetically pleasing.
    For the second photograph, I really like how the photographer places the objects and make the frame really full, therefore the audience would think the photograph is full of contents. Moreover, the contrast of the light and the shadow is fascinating as well. If I got the chance to experiment a little bit, I would try to step back more and give more rooms for the sky, so the photograph wouldn’t seem too “full”.

  12. You did an amazing job with capturing the detail in crystal ball.
    I really enjoy the bottom photo and how you were able to capture the whole building and the how ladder on the side. The lines really helps move the viewers eye throughout the photo.

  13. I really enjoy your first picture because it has a good aspect of view. The scene of the hallway all on this crystal ball, and more interesting thing it’s upside down. You do a really good job when you focus on the crystal ball and make the background blur.

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