12 thoughts on “Omar Mandurah”

  1. I love the noir style of these photographs! I almost didn’t recognize that these were places that I walk around every day. The artists’ eyes really gave these ordinary sceneries a surrealistic dreamy vibe.

  2. I really like these photos! They remind me of a forensic/murder documentary series because they have a kind of creepy vibe with the way you overlapped the images. The third one feels too dark for me personally, but I like that you tried different things in each photograph. I feel black and white really suits this style, and I don’t think I would like it nearly as much if the images were in color.

    I think your concept is interesting and would like to hear more as to why you decided to go into this direction/what your inspiration was. Great work!

  3. These pictures are so sick! They look so grungy and mysterious. Looking through them, I find myself noticing new things about the pictures the longer I look, and also asking myself exactly what I’m all looking at in each picture. There’s a certain sense of ambiguous depth in pictures 1 and 3 specifically that I like. Very nice work!

  4. I really enjoy your collaging in this series because it creates such a scary mood. I can see this as the beginning of a horror tv show like American Horror Story. I think you should create a short film and just collage these photos together and add scary music to the background. It would be a fun project to do and it would go with your photo series well. I also enjoy the fact that it’s not the same process for each and every photo, you’ve done something completely different for every pairing. Some are using negatives, some are changing opacities and whatever it is, it all creates the same eerie feeling.

  5. Those photos are incredible. Black and white style make me focus on the shape of the object. Also, those photos seem have overlay focus. It is really interesting and make the image contain more information.

  6. Referring to the 2nd print in the series—I think this may be a double exposure or sandwiching two negative together, but I really like how it gives the impression that the tree is just a huge shadow taking over the house. I think especially in black and white, this brings on a really octobery-spooky tone, which I like how the subject takes up the whole photo as well. I don’t think it would be the same if the house or tree was just in half of the photo.

  7. I really enjoy the great cohesion of all of your photos. I like that your choices in architecture, use of very dark leafless trees continue from one picture to the next. The way you processed your pictures really add a lot of good texture giving the pictures a moody and interesting point of view. I very much am intrigued by how you used very normal scenes and have added life in a new way.

  8. These are really captivating, especially the first one. For me, they evoke a sense of panic or anxiety, the chaotic melding of multiple compositions has so much energy. I hope you post more of these on the blog!

  9. I love these collages, they look like something from a murder mystery show, and the use of double negatives to achieve it is really cool. The photos themselves gives a creepy-ish vibe, and it works really well with the whole series. Fantastic job!

  10. The high contrast in most of the photos are really what pulls me in as a viewer, the third photo is the only one without that and so it stands out for that reason but not necessarily in a good way. The concept of surrealism definitely comes across very well. I would just be careful when editing down so one or a few don’t take away from others

  11. I think you have achieved something really unique here! I love the double exposure feeling of the first two photos especially. I think the black and white really complements your photos!

  12. The contrast stands out the most in this series, and makes for a very cohesive theme throughout all the images. I think the photographer’s goal of creating surreal imagery was very successful. Each image has a lot of great tecture in them, especially the first and second image. While some of it looks like negative scratches, it blends in with all the other patterns in the images. My favorite is the second image because of the reflection of the tree across the house. I think the third print could use a bit more contrast and less greys in it, but that’s just my preference. The fourth one creates a lot of motion in the scene while remaining relatively in focus.

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