10 thoughts on “Roxi Stanek”

  1. Roxi,
    I was drawn to your pictures by the creativity they invoke with the supplies at hand within the pictures. It seems to be pictures of a process only completed by ones own imagination.

  2. I really like to see people trying to take pictures of what they are doing of art, it is like when a photographer is taking pictures of how he or she was doing in darkroom, in lighting room etc – which is pretty intersecting! While the first one has good focus on a specific area, I think the second and third one should also have focus on a specific area to express the important point. But anyway they still look pretty good!

  3. I like how each of the photos there is some form of texture. I also enjoy the angles and the variety of distances between you and the subject matter.

  4. I like the photos especially the last two. They show really detail to the texture of the brush and pigments. Also the angle of the photos are interesting to show a emotion of a busy artist.

  5. The focus and depth of field in the second photo is very interesting. I like how the brushes in the middle are the focus rather than those in front. Creates an interesting composition. Also, I think that all of these photos have good color balance as well.

  6. These images are universally relatable for any art student, making them capable of cross referencing between universities all over. The only technical critique I have is that the third photo is a little flat, bumping up the brightness and contrast could really help the vibrancy of the tones.

  7. These photos document parts of the process that create the final pieces in image one. I would consider editing down the amount of yellow in the second image with the brushes, and think about how the angle of the photograph is working in tandem with the composition of the other images and individually.

  8. The focusing in this series is very nicely done. Having such a sharp focus as well as a strong depth of field creates a dimensional aspect within each image. Also, the pops of color bring the photos together in a way that is not too overwhelming. Overall, I love the sense of creativity communicated, and I think you did a great job of capturing that in this series.

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