8 thoughts on “Tikantame Amaleboba”

  1. The colors and patterns you chose to use here make beautiful photographs. I don’t know the background of this series, but it reminds me of Najjar Abdul-Musawwir’s “Reconstructed/Reconceptualized” series where he investigates the history of the banjo and it’s direct kinship with African string instruments. I also like the fact that in one collection of photographs, you have abstract patterns, still life, and portraiture. And they all seem to carry a dialogue with each other easily. Good job!

  2. I really enjoy the last two images you have shared. Their contrast is really beautiful and the compositions have this dramatic quality that I also really like. I kind of wish the potted plants weren’t behind the guitar in the third picture and there were just the clean lines of the deck showing.

  3. The first two images have great texture and graphs. I like your second one about guitar. You placed a good focus and the not quite saturated coloring actually looks comfortable. Making me feel a scene of winter!

  4. The first two images are very interesting! I love the high saturation and bright colors. I like the choice to let the quilted fabrics stay wrinkled and not completely flatten them out. It adds more texture to the photos. Rather than these looking like photos of patterns we can tell that they are photos of vibrant blankets. Nice work!

  5. The first two images have some interesting textures going on. The colors on the second one work great together. I think the guitar image stands out a bit too much, I don’t really understand why it’s part of this series. Also, I wish the last photo was more in focus. Otherwise, great work!

  6. I really like the composition and the darker tones in the last 2 images. The first 2 images have nice colors and use of patterns.

  7. The textures from the first two images are bold and complimenting. I would consider cropping the photo in as to not see when the cloth ends/the edges of the background. Fabric is a powerful tangible keeper of history, memories, and people. It could be interesting to explore further in combination of subject work.

  8. I really like the first two photos! The texture and pattern for fabric are so interesting to look at. you put a different pattern together doesn’t make chaos, and even made the color is really vivid. Good job!

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