photography, U of Wisconsin, Madison

Brenna Petersen

Brenna Petersen
Art 376 – Photography
Film Photography Prints and Watercolor
Not in a series

I used watercolor to add some color and life (literally) to the trees and other plants in these photos. Due to the unpredictable weather in Wisconsin these past months, spring has not really begun for the plants around town so, while the weather is nice, there is little greenery.

Binghamton University, photography

Lillian Do

Lillian Do
ARTS 497- Special Studios Project in Photography
Digital prints on satin paper; 11″x17″

What is intimacy? It’s a question that is often left unresolved or forgotten due to today’s confusing dating culture. Are we just friends? What is more than friends? To feel intimate, do feelings need to be involved? Does there have to be a physical and mental connection? Between all the labels and different expectations we hold for a significant other, defining what makes intimacy a part of a relationship starts to get lost. Following the hourney of a few couples all at different stages of their relationships, this series captures moments of the progression of body language. It focuses on the gentle touch happening between two individuals, when hanging out in the comfort of their own bedroom at night.