18 thoughts on “Susu Schwaber”

  1. I really enjoy the last photo the most. It has great detail on the subject and I like the shallow depth of field. You’ve framed him well and there is this mystery in the photo because I can’t see the subject’s face. I kind of want him to turn around, but I like the tension you’ve created by not allowing the viewer to fully see the figure. I feel this photo has the greatest value range of the three you’ve shown

  2. I love how these photos almost have a retro vibe to them. In the first photo, normally the store banners in the background would be distracting from the subject, but since they color schemes are so similar, they actually add to the chill mood of the photo. Nice work.

  3. Hey Susu, Its great to see some of your work on here! I still really love your series. I really wished you posted some of the photos that you had with the shadows but with these I kinda feel like its a portraits of him but without the feature of his face. In a way it makes me want to see what are his expressions.. expect for the second one.

  4. I really like the retro feel to this post. From the shirt, to the hair, to the shoes. The grainy edit gives a real retro look along with the clothing choice. All around a really good combination. The third picture was perfect in low aperture.

  5. The retro feel to these images are perfect. From his hair, to the clothing, every thing lined up perfectly. I really like how you made it grainy to give it an old camera feel. The low aperture in the last picture was excellent. Looks awesome!

  6. I like the first two photographs the most. To start with, I really like the colors and the filter that the editor chose, it really gives the audience a sense of peacefulness. More specifically speaking, the blue sweatshirt that the guy was wearing matches really well with the background in the first picture. However, I do like to see some “empty space” around that guy, maybe also using the rule of thirds theory and placing the model downwards a little bit. For the second picture, I really like the lighting and the shadows, it creates a very interesting look for the audience. Also, there are enough blank space around the model, which creates a more aesthetically pleasing vibe.

  7. Hi! I really like the tone of your photo, they are soft, old-fashioned, grainy and comfortable! I especially like your last one, you focus on the back of the person and blur the background. The only thing I am not that satisfied is the lighting point on the hair, which I think is pretty distracting for me. But overall you really did a good job!

  8. I am especially impressed by your last photograph in this series. I think it has beautiful light and captures a moment perfectly. It has a good depth of field where we focus on the subject but also get lost in the background, wondering where he is going and what the day will hold for him.

  9. I love the grainy warm look of these photos. It gives off a cozy and nostalgic feeling. I especially like the first photo — the pose, framing, lighting and color palette are perfect.

  10. Susu,

    Great to see your work on here. I like the ones that you chose… I think they get to the point of what you’re trying to convey without convoluting the message (e.g., being too “moody” or angsty). I really get the feel that the person in the photographs is actually just bored, looking for something to do. I also appreciate the play with shadow, as well as the minimal emphasis on his Nike attire. The only critique I have is I would have maybe edited out the sun flare on the back of his head in the last photo.


  11. The feeling of the first two photos are soft and have more of a vintage feel that I really enjoy. The third photo is interesting in it’s own way as well. While I don’t feel it is as cohesive as the first two I think it does well on its own. The third photo is sharp and has great color balance! Good job!

  12. With your 2nd photo I could almost feel the warmth of lazy afternoon in summer. I like the shadow concealing the subjects face somewhat which shows the brightness of the day. Good depth of field in the 3rd picture with the subject being the focus while the background is blurred while still concealing the true identity of the subject.

  13. I really enjoy the first and the third photos. There’s a sense of anonymity but also familiarity with your subject. Although I cannot see his face, there is still this openness about him and the warmth of your colors really brings that out.

  14. Hi Susu, love your work so much! You’ve always been doing great with your vintage series. I wonder you used digital or film camera. I love the sense of rough particles in the photos, giving a feeling of past casual time. I think the colors of clothes work well with the background, making the images really comforting to watch with your own style palette.

  15. Hi susu, those pictures are great in brightness and color. However, the concept of laziness is not expressing very well. my suggestion to improve the photo is that you need think more about what laziness feels like.

  16. Your photos are incredible. The tons and the roll film like style make the image feels back to beginning of 90s. I like the first photo most. I think it really match the theme which is lazy Sunday. The colors and the light in this picture make audience relax.

  17. The last photo is definitely my favorite, it has a sense of rhythm that I really enjoy. The subject is more off centered in this image than the previous ones as well which I think helps with the overall interested to the eye. I enjoy how you have a cohesive color palette and theme throughout your photos, it makes them work really well as a series.

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