25 thoughts on “Susu Schwaber”

  1. I love the use of light here, I think it makes each image very unique, but my favorite was the first image because with the light it captured what a lazy Saturday could look like. Also I loved how the light highlighted the girls hair.

  2. I really like the deep colors of the series, it makes me think of a warm home during a chilly fall morning. I wish the photos were a bit sharper, but I also wonder if that was done on purpose? Either way, nice work.

  3. I love the composition and the lighting is so pretty. I appreciate the cheerful/bright depiction of loneliness and I like how the face isn’t visible in the first photo.

  4. The first picture express very good feeling of loneliness. The image could be a little bit simpler, which means you cloud crop off more edge on the top and bottom area. Also, you need to strengthen you subject (the person) more by increasing a little brightness. Nice work

  5. I really like the vintage look of these pictures, it really makes them stand out. The shadows in the last picture really create a cool image.

  6. I really like the faceless portraits. They give a sense of mystery. It is very interesting. The picture of the shades gives a very ambient feel. Looks awesome, good job!

  7. I’m really drawn to the first image. I love the lighting, the casual feel of the photo, and the fact that it looks like the subject was caught in motion. I do feel it would be more successful if the little sliver of cabinet on the upper left hand side was cropped out, but it is still a beautiful photo.

  8. I love the soft lighting in these photos created by shooting into the light source. Especially the way the light hits the hair of the girl in the first picture is very delicate and angelic.

  9. Really love the tone! Lighting is soft and comfortable. I really like the first photo. Even though the photo does not show the face of the woman, I can actually feel her emotion from her action. This makes me think of the theme of “showing a person’s emotion without showing a face”. The third photo has the similar effect as well. It is interesting that you make it pretty grainy, like a film. Good job!

  10. Good pictures! I like the first one most. Light from the window is blur. The model’s hair and dress are casual which make me feel relax and lazy.

  11. The first and third photos in this series are my favorite. The natural light creates a interesting glow and feel within the photographs. Also, in the last photo there are many interesting shadows that makes the photo intriguing to the eye as well. Well done!

  12. I love the simplicity of this series. The gentle white lighting makes the piece feel very pure or innocent. This effect is definitely helped by the light film grain which rids the photos of the harsh lines. Overall, very well done. All the elements work well together.

  13. I like how the light is reflecting off the first picture with the subjects hair and the mystery that the photos seem to have at the angles they were taken. The lighting on the sheer curtain is nice as well with the outside blurred in all three pictures. It just adds to the mystic of the picture.

  14. Susu, the lighting and tones in these photos are beautiful. As you’ve explored ways to hide the subject’s identity, I think you fully succeeded in the first photo. It looks natural, and definitely evokes a lazy morning.

  15. Lovely grain and perfect color palette! I love the contrast between the loneliness and the warm cozy surroundings. It adds to the vulnerability and bittersweet complexion in an everyday setting.

  16. I actually like these photos displayed together. They each use light in a strange way, with the exception of the second one… which is funny, to me, because it’s the flattest (where light is concerned) even though its of a window that light is shining through. Shadows are great… and I think what you’re achieving here is the lonely, Sunday vibe without being too moody.

  17. I really like the tone of your works. It feels like vintage film photos which is sensitive. That made me feel comfortable which is proper feeling for your concept, loneliness on lazy Sunday. Especially in the last photo, the way you used sun light, window, and the shadows. It made soft reflection on the window that made the photo more sensitive. Great work!

  18. The use of an early light add greatly to the use of white shirts, and white curtains. Overall I feel as I look at your collection a sense of clearity and serene peace in the most common places. The clear and crisp quality of your pictures also adds to your overall display! Great work!

  19. Your use of light and intentional noise/grain truly bring a nostalgic essence to this series. The colors are warm and inviting and make me feel like they are memories. Framing the photos so the model is not identifiable emphasizes the vulnerability of the shot.

  20. I love the story these tell. You use every element to perfectly depict a lazy day alone. The composure and softness feel so calm and gentle. I also think it was very creative to not show the face of the subject. Your photos have an effortless quality to them, which is so hard to achieve!

  21. The first photo is what drew me in. The use of soft focus and natural light create an old and very relatable image. It reminds of all the film photos my mother used to make. The last one feels like something of a movie still, despite it being vertical. The grainy texture, moody lighting, and pale colors create a bland-ly beautiful scene

  22. This set of photo caught my eyes, and I love these pictures. It really conveys a sense of romanticism. The first photo creates a quiet cooking moment and the light on the hair looks so pretty. My favorite is the third photo, using hand to play with the sunshine and curtain. Made this photo really nature and cozy.

  23. These photos feel so soft and cozy. I see how it explores themes of loneliness but I also feel a certain contentedness within these shots. The soft light and the grain really contribute really well to the photos. I think they better contribute to the themes you are exploring.

  24. I really like your idea of documenting a lazy Sunday, I enjoy the other Sunday series you posted as well. I think you really captured a sense of softness and loneliness. To me these photos embody that feeling on a lazy weekend of getting a chance to have some time to yourself to recharge and reconnect with yourself. I think the color palette you used really helped add to that.

  25. You images are just so visually appealing that I feel a certain kind of warmth. I love the harmonic tones presented in all of your images. They look casual and cozy. They seem to tell us to slow down a little bit in this rapidly changing life and society. Are we really living our lives? Do we really know how to live or enjoy our livees. I think your photos give us the answer.

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