23 thoughts on “David Li”

  1. You capture the essence of how I view cats and their personality. It would be interesting to see the third photo if the background was one plain color or even black and white, to give it that spookiness.

  2. I love these pictures. I like the ones with the perspective of the cat, on the ground level or similar, as opposed to up high. What makes these pictures stand out from other common “pictures of my cat” is the fact each one of these captures the idiosyncrasies or odd behavior cats can be known to exhibit. Cats can be very weird, and these pictures demonstrate that.

  3. I really like how you caught the movement of the cat in the third photo. That is such an iconic cat pose and you caught it well. I do find the background distracting, I kind of wish it was blurred even more or maybe replaced with a solid color. I also like the movement caught in the fourth photo, but I feel you could’ve zoomed in or cropped the photo to be tight around the cat because it is so perfectly captured.

  4. This cat is adorable, you have really managed to show a cat’s personality with these photos. I think the first image is really compelling, but I think it would have made the image stronger if the back paw were also in the shot. Overall, great work!

  5. What a cute cat! I really love how you capture his/her emotion and action, especially the second one and the last one. It is really just that single moment which looks perfect! You blur the background really well and focus on the exactly right place. The only thing is the carpet color looks little distracting for me since the cat’s ear is also pink. So I would like to see if such action can happen in other brighter place with simple coloring background.

  6. The composition of the third photo is really great. The off center focus on the cat is creates a really interesting image. I also like the relatively muted color scheme throughout this series. The muted red of the carpet really lets the color of the cat pop.

  7. You captured very interesting moments. I totally agree with Rita on how you captured the essence of a cat’s personality, and that a solid color for the background could make the subject pop in the third photograph. I enjoy the framing of these photographs as it adds to the narrative. In the first photograph, I like how the grapes are placed where the cat is reaching, I just wish both of the cat’s feet are in the frame.

  8. I absolutely love your last photo because it shows how much sass your cat has. I actually enjoy all of your photos because of how you have captured your cats personality. One suggestion I would make is to fix a little bit of the coloring, the first and last photo have a little more red in it than the second and third. But besides that, you did a good job in getting a really sharp image of your cats eyes, which is kind of hard to do because animals move around so much. I’d love to see more in this series if you plan on shooting more images like this.

  9. My favorite picture in this set is the second one. Because there is so much movement that you captured successfully. And the shot looks very dynamic because of it and the very fierce movement that the cat is doing. In my opinion this shot alone makes all the other shots in this set looks flatter.

  10. Referring to the last image: This image uses great depth of field. I like how even though there’s a lot going on in the background, you really aren’t distracted because it’s all blurred out. I also think the rule-of-thirds was put to good use. I like how you can’t see the whole cat, but I might’ve move the camera over slightly to the right to use up more space. I also think the time at which the photo was taken left a cute and interesting look on the cat’s face that I love.

  11. I really like how each picture is focused on the cat and how you were able to capture clear and in focus pictures of the cat in different positions

  12. I really like the second photo of the cat yawning. Its adorable and really shows the cats personality in its body language. Although I feel like the photo could be improved if you focused on the rule of thirds a bit more instead of having the cat closer to the center. Overall, really cute photos and good choice of subject matter.

  13. I really like cats so I love these pictures. You captured the cat perfectly. It is extremely hard to photograph living things. In the first picture, the carpet gives great contrast to the cat, well done!

  14. Those are beautiful shots especially the third one. You successfully catch the moment when the cat is angry, but I think it can be better if the angle is showing a bit more of the face of the cat. Furthermore, the third will be better if the cat placing in the center of the picture.
    Great and nice pictures!

  15. This series is very interesting to look at due to the fact that the photographer has captured some of the most natural and organic moments of the cat, more specifically, the second and the last photo has this dynamic vibe that will influence the audience on a big level. All these shots are so naturally captured. In addition, the photographer has utilized the rule of thirds on most of the photos within this series, thus it is more aesthetically pleasing to look at them.

  16. Your cat is so precious! I think you did a wonderful job of representing cats in their natural environment and I think break the perception towards cats that they’re just mean creatures. I really like how you used the low F/stop so your cat is the main focus. It is interesting to consider how you were taking portraits of your cat and he has no idea that he’s a model!

  17. I think it is really creative how you were able to capture the various personalities of a cat. I particularly enjoy how the series starts and ends in a similar way. The way the cat is positioned within each composition is successful. Really lovely photos!

  18. I love how these images reveal the personality of the cat in its posture as well as its facial expressions. I think that to add to the shots, I would have tried to play with the lighting some more, to enhance the different moods portrayed in the images. For example, bringing out more of the pink lighting in the final photo or darkening the shadows in the second one.

  19. Hi David,
    I must say that your cat is adorable. Also, the photos you took of your cat has great use of composition, depth of field, and textures. The only suggestion I have is to change the tones of some photos such as the first and last to cooler tones. But if the photos are to your satisfaction, then don’t mind my suggestion.

  20. I love this series of photographs! They capture a wide variety of aspects about a cat all ranging from really funny to cute. The framing is nicely done on most of them as well. You’ve done a good job of eliminating most of the background which could distract away from the subject of the cat. I think you’ve done a really nice job of capturing a day in the life of a cat.

  21. I really like the third photo especially in this series. The focal point that was created with the arch of the cats back really breaks up the photo in an interesting way. It creates a path to follow with the eye around the image. I enjoy with all of these photos that you are able to capture a series and the personality of the cat. It tells a story but leaves a lot up to the imagination of me as the viewer.

  22. I love the different perspectives you chose to shoot from, they really help to highlight this cat’s personality! The wide aperture was also a good decision: the softness of the focus brings out the fur and whiskers of the cat (so it isn’t fighting for attention with the background). The lighting in the second image creates interesting shadows in the cat’s fur, with a yellowish shadow on its neck and back that adds another layer of complexity. The highlights on its eyes exaggerate the expression it is making, and helps the face pop out more in the image.

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