7 thoughts on “Mac Bryant”

  1. The fashion photography is superb. The colors are really vibrant, especially in the background and the model’s outfit is really cute. I’d work a bit more on framing because the first one looks like there is too much dead space, and the second/third would be stronger if you stood a bit more to the left. Excellent work!

  2. I guess you are trying to so kind of fashion photography? Interesting series about blue, jeans, and fashion products! I like the first one and the third one most. The dressing style fits with the background. Good job!

  3. These are some excellent fashion photos! The background cobalt blue and outfit denim blue harmonize perfectly and together they make the yellow strap with the brand label pop in the second an third photos. The only thing that I noticed that can use some potential improvement is that the second and the forth photographs don’t seem as sharp as the other two photographs, especially the focus on handbag might be important if it’s used for a commercial campaign. It might be the motion or the focus that are slightly off. Other than that the composition, the angles, the styling, and the color palette are absolutely spot on.

  4. Referring to the third image: I really like the close up of this image. I think the cut off on the ankles looks pretty nice and it’s not really awkward. I like how the model is standing off balance and the bag isn’t completely centered. I think the asymmetry really helps this image and it would be completely different without it. I also like how the background isn’t too distracting and how the yellow band really stands out from the blue background.

  5. Beautiful composition, again. The color palette of these photographs goes crazy! It matches the coolness of the model’s tone, and is emphasized by her outfit. Beautiful work!

  6. I love how sharp these images are, they look like they fell out of a fashion magazine. My favorites are the second and third. The contrast of the black and yellow purse with the white and blue is just so stunning. I also like how you have framed the third image, the emphasis is really on the purse and it’s striking. I think I like the first image more than the fourth image because the subject’s face is surrounded by the blue background instead of white.

  7. You have a great sense of composition and utilizing space. The blue checkered background stands out perfectly, without making things feel too chaotic, and I think it really complements the photos. Incorporating a mix of full body shots and closeups was also a good choice. Each photo is very refreshing to look at, and I could definitely see these in a fashion magazine.

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