22 thoughts on “Shuang Hu”

  1. The variety of colored lighting is very nice. I would say some photos are more compelling than others so I would try to edit back a bit more in terms of how many you include so that they don’t take away from the stronger ones. The fourth photo could use a bit more lighting balance when it comes to the clippers on the left side of the models head… the object gets lost overall, but specifically the focus is lost there. I think you have a great starting point

  2. I really enjoy this series because connects with the work that I am doing. I think you could even zoom in even more in the second photo. I also the composition that you chose, it visibly pleasing.

    1. I’d be interested to learn why you chose to use the colors depicted, and why not others. I think the addition of the color lighting is interesting and makes for dynamic pictures. I agree with Kenzie when she says to edit yourself when deciding which images to exhibit alongside others. Some here are stronger than others.

  3. I love this series so much. I really enjoy how you play with color when lighting your work. The first and the third images are my favorites. The first one just feels so dramatic and I like that the subject is looking into the camera, but not smiling. The third one is so beautifully sharp and the way he is positioned really draws your eye through the work. I do think you could crop away some of the negative space up top in the third image, but I still enjoy it the way you have shown it. Great job!

  4. The backdrop really compliments his skin tone, well done on that. The colors are so vivid and make me feel as though I’m in a dream. My favorite is the third one. I feel like the others in some way obstruct his face, whether that be with shadow and light, or with an actual object. The third one has a nice even complexion of the face and nice background colors. Nice work!

  5. The harmony of different colors of the light is impressive. Diverse compositions and angles are interesting too. I especially like the last photo the most. I like the way you used the lights which is that you used different colors of the lights to the object. I think the effect is cool. Enjoyed your work!

  6. Your use of color really captures my attention because you usually don’t see such strong hues on a person’s skin tone. I want to see a little more contrast and more variety in color in future images because I think you can really dramatize what you’re going for. Overall, all of the compositions look really good. I would also love to see your third photo really enlarged because it captures him so well. I think it says something of how women are portrayed in magazines and this almost feminine gesture makes him the subject matter that women are subjugated to. Really great work!

  7. Love your creative use of lighting and colorful background in this set of picture. And you captured the details of your subject’s face very well which I appreciate as well. The one thing that I cannot help but noticing is that your first image is just a tad underexposed compared to other pictures in this set. But overall, interesting concept. Love to learn more!

  8. I like the color choices throughout the series. The third picture is very strong, with a great angle of the subject. Nice detail with the lighting and focus even down to the wrist band. The overall series is great but I feel the last photo could have a specific object your drawn to but it’s almost to staged, perhaps just a close up of the clippers close and a tuff of hair. Overall very pleasing photos.

  9. I really enjoy the colors in this set of pictures. It’s different from what you normally see and really brings the subject into focus

  10. I absolutely love the colors used in this photo series, so vibrant and full of emotion. I also really love the symbolic use of hair tools with the model. It really helps draw in a cultural aspect and gives the photos more meaning. I would love to see this series expanded. Great work!

  11. I really like the color in each picture. The last picture is a pretty cool angle. The color gives an awesome effect and makes him stand out much more. The pictures connect well with each other. Looks awesome.

  12. Your use of lighting is balanced and thoughtful. The execution of these prints are advertisement quality; these photos could be a part of an artistic beauty ad campaign. Your combination of colors are dynamic and the intentionality of how you framed your subjects face is subtle and strong. Where this demonstrates is in the last photo with the addition of the blue highlights creating beautiful subtle Rembrandt shadows on the face.

  13. I love the contrast between the colors of the background and the light in the first image., The green gives a sense of mystery and the warm tone creates the atmosphere of laziness and leisure. I’m little confused by the objects cause the purpose of using the objects seems off the set to me.

  14. Referring to the second image– I like how this image utilized an unusual object to create interesting shadows. I also like how the subject is looking into the camera deeply, and I think the expression in his face works well with the tone of the image. The artist utilized depth of field really well as the background is blurred and there are no distractions. One thing I might have changed is moving the comb so that you can’t see it in the photograph. I like the shadow and think it’s really interesting, but I feel as though the comb doesn’t fit with the image.

  15. I really like the saturated colors in this series. The red color works really well with the model’s skin tone and the lighting is perfect. The contrast of the light and the shadow is really interesting to look at as well. Overall these are really amazing and spectacular photographs. But for the last photo. if it can be turned upside-down, I think the outcome would be even more amazing and it will look even more aesthetically pleasing.

  16. Your framing of the subject in these photos is fantastic. It helps to create an interesting composition for these portraits. Also, the saturated colors throughout this series make a very beautiful and uniform feel throughout the series.

  17. I think the use of color in this series is outstanding, using the complementary lights to create interesting highlights and dynamic colors in each photo. The color’s consistency makes the series work together well. I was also a fan of the way the simple backgrounds allowed the individual hairs to stand out, adding to the emphasis of the razor and brush. My favorite from the series is definitely the fourth. I think the arrangement of the tools and the model work very well.

  18. I think there is such an interesting story and idea you are compelling in your work. I think the use of color and light is so beautiful and reflects off your subjects skin in such a captivating way. I would almost like to see more light, to illuminate the subject even more.

  19. The use of lighting and color is super beautiful in these images and really add to the mood of the images. I think you also have a very unique way of framing the subject and organizing his body in ways which work to enhance the colorful lighting and create shadows.

  20. I love your use of color in these images! It creates this other level of depth and mood to the image that is really interesting. I really like the narrative that you have going on in this series of photographs. I think the way you’ve framed these images is really well done as well.

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