12 thoughts on “Ciera Lampshire”

  1. My favorite is the last photo. I really like the water droplets that are on the leaves because it adds more to the photo. I also really love the second one because the colors match together so well. The red and green match together so much, well done!

  2. Referring to the 3rd image: I really like this image. I like the depth of field utilized. I like how only a select few flowers are in focus and how they slowly blur out in the back. I also think the color difference is really cool and the white and green flowers with the bright yellow background really makes the subject stand out. Additionally, I like how the flowers take up the whole frame and how the photo was taken slightly on an angle. I think this give it a unique perspective.

  3. I absolutely love the depth of focus in these photos. It takes away so much of the distraction so the viewer can see the flowers better. My favorite has to be the 2nd photo. It has really beautiful color, really nice rule of thirds, and it has just enough information from the rest of the plant in the background. Nice work.

  4. I am drawn to the first and third photos. I think the use of aperture is of particular interest, as it abstracts the background of the first photo, creating an unusual, almost gesture like atmosphere. The third photo I think is similar to the first in that way. Overall, I think the composition of those two are the strongest because they’re so zoomed in and up close, whereas the other two kind of fade into their respective backgrounds.

  5. The colors are vibrant and really flow from picture to picture. Aesthetically pleasing, a thought of warmer days when seeing the images. The definition in each photo really shows the delicate detail of the flowers and the blurred background just enhance the object.

  6. Referring to the second image: I really like the depth of field used in this photo. I love how much detail we can see in the flower on the right in compared to the others, however we can still see that it’s part of a bigger array of flowers. I love the spring colors and I really like how the light is hitting the petals. Lastly, I like the rule-of-thirds that was used so that the subject is not in the middle and we can still visualize other flowers around it.

  7. I love how focused and crisp the flower subjects are in these images. The very shallow depth of field and the blurred background makes these photos much more dramatic as well. I think my favorite photo is the third one. I love the separation you created between the white flower and its background with both the depth of field and the contrasting colors. The orange background really makes the white flower stand out.

  8. I love all the texture and detail of the plants, especially the fuzz in the first picture. You also have very nice composition in all of your work and my eye can move freely throughout the series.

  9. I absolutely love the contrast between the brightly colored and delicate petals to the cool and sturdy stems. This combination truly makes the photos stand out in a long list of posts. Although it may be a bit basic, I love the f stop adjustment to focus on certain flowers, while the background is blurred.

  10. I really like how striking the colors are in all of your photographs. The colors of the subjects in the foreground contrast very nicely with the background colors. I also really like how you’ve used the depth of field to really highlight the subject and the background just fades away.

  11. I love the richness of texture in all of this pictures. Do use of bokeh in the background makes it look that the subject is popping out of the image. The rich contrasting colors and all of those pictures and how they interact between each other makes it look very aesthetically pleasing. I think you did an amazing job taking pictures of this plants and making them pop out from any other pictures of plants out there.

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