9 thoughts on “Alieah Alexander”

  1. I think you have a very good eye for composition. I especially like the first and last photograph where the background is glowing but there is something very crisp and clear in the front that catches my eye right away and allows my eye to focus on something while also enjoying the blurry scene behind it.

  2. The depth of field really focuses the eye on the front object. Great clarity with the chain on the first image and the motion of the flag in the second.There is something very warm about the photos with the position of the sun coming through in all 4 photos directly without overpowering the shot. Great job.

  3. I like the use of rule of thirds in your photos. your last photo is very clear and has great color and depth. The only thing I would change would be the second photo is a tad blurry, maybe try upping your shutter speed.

  4. I like your picture sunshine to create the depth for the picture. The sun the main object in some pictures while in the other the sun is the highlight for the picture. In the first picture, you use the sun to show the contrast in the picture so we can see the chain more clearly. In the last picture, those leaves are highlight by the light of the sun.

  5. I love the first and last photos– how they’re of sunsets, but they’re focused on something else instead of on the sunset. I also think the framing on your third photo is incredible. These are great shots!

  6. I personally really enjoy the first and last image because of the usage of light. The last photo also tells a story, and paints a picture which I think is one of the best abilities a photograph can have. Overall these photos are all pretty great, I would just say the one of the American Flag doesn’t really fit in much with the rest of the images.

  7. I like your use of depth of field and also the rule of thirds. I also enjoy how the background is glowing with the sunset but you chose to focus on something other than the sunset, giving my eye something to focus on while also seeing the glowing background.

  8. I really enjoy the first and last photographs, the last one in particular. I think that your use of depth of field to bring the focus to the foreground and therefore on the subject is really nice. I absolutely love the colors and use of lighting in the last image. The whole thing to me just says warmth and is a really comforting photograph!

  9. I think your photos are really pretty and have an autumn feel to them, especially the last one. I love the way you captured the light filtering through the leaves in the final photo and the reflection of the sun off the water is beautiful.

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