8 thoughts on “Hannah Airoldi”

  1. wow, I love this photo. I recently have also been taking portraits and leaving a lot of black. It’s very dramatic and shows a beautiful silhouette. This photo is very mysterious especially because of the hand reaching toward her face. It’s also very nice how there’s light in her eye that we see.

  2. I really like this photo. I think the black and white really helps to accentuate the blacks which in turn narrows the viewers focus to the face of the subject well since no detail can be seen in the black regions. This image has very surreal aspects to it and follows the rule of thirds to generate a strong image. I like the use of the mirror as well. It gives a sense of reflection onto oneself in this dark and dramatic kind of way. I also like how the hand holding the mirror acts as a leading line towards the subjects face. Great job!

  3. I really like how you chose to play with shadows in this picture. Only showing half of the girl’s face adds a unique form of framing. It draws attention to the girl, and uses the rule of thirds which produces an even stronger image.

  4. I really like the photo but i would say if you had taken picture in natural colors that would give this more beautiful look instead of having black and white background.

  5. I love this photo and the mysterious feel. I really like how the majority of the photo is black and you’re only left with a sliver of the face and the hand reaching toward it. It leaves the viewer wondering about the context behind what is happening and provides room to think about the image.

  6. Your use of shadow in this picture is incredible. And the short depth of field really adds a sense of mystery with the hand on the right side of the picture. The deep black also adds to the sense of mystery. It overall has a very dreamy quality to it.

  7. The high contrast between your whites and blacks is so intriguing. The mysterious vibe it gives off really makes the viewer stop and just look for a while. The only thing I would suggest is to add some white tones as the photo has no true white tones.

  8. This is absolutely a powerful image. The shadow seems to be an invisible hand that is holding her face or it also seems like a human-liked face that is layered on her face. Usually, it is fear and depression being conveyed with this amount of dark space. However, it is rather the sense of courage and fearless that I can feel from this image. This is a special beauty that I think is very feminine and definitely unique.

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