3 thoughts on “Jose Mercado”

  1. I love the color and contrast in the first photo and how even though the flowers appear to be dying they still stay a bright yellow against the black leaf and stems. for the second photo I like how eerie it is and how it looks like the statue has a mysterious halo. The only thing I would change about these photos is maybe adjusting the camera angle to be a little lower for the last photo to give it less of a flat straight-on look.

  2. The editing on these photos is so cool! I especially like the first one of the flower, the high contrast really makes the yellow pop!

  3. This is a really cool set of photographs! I think the two I like the most are the second and fourth photos in this series. The second one is interesting and utilizes light drawing over the subject. The light seems to almost act like a thought bubble, we know the subject must be thinking of something but are not sure what. I think the lighting on the subject is great too. The harder light creates defining shadows over the figure and allows the figure to fade into blackness. You also follow the rule of thirds with the the eye level of the subject which makes the image really pleasant to look at when paired with the cool tones you used. The last image is also neat because you manage to capture vibrant colors and tones again and you also use the creek as a means to lead the viewer back into the image towards the building. I think this helps create an image with a lot of depth to it which is really cool. Nice job!

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