13 thoughts on “Kelly Purdy”

  1. There is some kind of dark overcast on all of these photographs which give it an eery mood. I don’t know if that was your intention or not, but they give me a feeling that something bad is about to happen. The second picture of the tree especially does this because the branches are so overwhelming and look like they’re about to consume whoever is standing below them. I’d say if you wanted to make the objects appear more about nature, then I would make it colorful and add in more exposure. But if your intention was to give it a dark mood, then you did a really good job with that.

  2. I love that you capture the power of nature and the thriving of life. You did a really successful job on expanding the imaginary space outside of the frames and providing a more meaningful way to look at the movement of nature in a nontraditional way.

  3. I think your first image is so beautiful, but I wish it wasn’t so dark (not sure if it was intentional to have all your images be so dark). I also really enjoy the tree picture because of its composition. You captured that photo through an interesting angle and all the branches reaching out feels kind of creepy and I really like it. Very interesting exploration of nature.

  4. In your 4th photograph you use a great amount of shadows and highlights that balance each other out. I especially like all the texture in the photo from the water waves.

  5. The texture in the first photo of the flower and rain drops is incredible. I love the level of detail and the contrast given by the black and white edit, and I feel it really draws my focus in. All the photos seem to show great texture and contrast as well but for the last photo I would have liked to see something added to the photo to interrupt the waves and add some more character to the photo.

  6. The amount of detail you’ve captured in these is really amazing. You can really feel the movement of the water and the water droplets on the flower is a really nice touch.

  7. Very interesting set of images that you took. They do work together very well as a group. I can see a dichotomy going on between nature and human made structures as well as how they interact between the two of them. I would recommend you to check the brightness and exposure of the images become they seem a little bit dark and flat.

  8. I like how you chose to make these photos in black and white. I think it makes the viewer think more about the photos and it also brings out the shadows in each. The photos could use a little more contrast between the darks and whites, but I think black and white was still a good choice. The third photo shows very good contrast between black and white.

  9. I think it’s so interesting you chose to include a dam in your series about nature, considering they are man-made. I also think your choice of using black and white is interesting. I like the bug on the flower in the first picture because it adds just another aspect of nature. I think these are all really good photographs.

  10. These are really strong black and white images. I love that you have captured the different textures and movements of nature, specifically with water. I like that you captured water in its stillness on the flower and in motion with the dam. The water adds a good gradient of whites and blacks and it’s very interesting to see the different colors of water in that setting.

  11. I love the way you captured water and movement in these photos. The detail on the close up of the flower is exquisite! I love how you were able to photograph the individual drops of the water splashing in the third image. Also, the second photo’s composition and the way you’ve displayed it is just way cool.

  12. I really enjoy the detail and texture that were captured in these photos. The bubbles in the water and the look of it feel so real you can almost feel the moment they burst shortly after the photo was taken. Your framing puts you in the photo as the water rushing allows you to hear it along with the rustling of trees in the other photo. Black and white was a good choice as it helps makes photos timeless and surreal. One thing to try would be blurred motion with the water

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