photography, University of Kentucky

Annabel Hisle

Annabel Hisle
A-S 28: Lens Art
Digital Prints; 8×10
5 total images in series

This series highlights the mundane routines of most mornings for many people, which includes brushing your teeth, putting on makeup, and taking a series of medications. Mental health has become more of an open topic in recent years, and many people suffer from some sort of mental illness. Morning routines differ for everyone. Mornings can be much harder for those who suffer, getting out of bed can be more than a taxing job. Taking a multitude of medications has become as habitual as brushing your teeth for many people these days.

13 thoughts on “Annabel Hisle”

  1. I love that you made the whole series b&w. I like the idea of capturing daily routines. The mid tones and grays work nicely with the lighting and scenery.

  2. The way you’ve started with a photo of the subject + the bed, then ended with just the bed does a great job representing your theme. It serves to show that for some it is not just “wake up and rise” but a much more laborious process before they can get moving. Cool concept!

  3. I like how you focused on a specific part of the day and considered how a normal morning routine can differ so much for everyone. I really enjoy the photos with a shallow depth of field.

  4. I like how in this series you chose to communicate something that not necessarily everyone talks about. The combination of black and white as well as focusing in on events considered to be mundane works really well. This series captures your concept, and I think it would be nice to see more projects like this.

  5. I really like these photographs as a series. I think that they all manage to capture the mundane activities that everyone does every morning, and yet they all feel so personal still, like you’re getting a glimpse of something that is ordinarily private. I also like how you started out with the person sitting in the bed and ended the series with a picture of the empty bed. It makes it feel like the whole series is happening over a span of time and that the morning routine is now complete.

  6. The black and white is helpful to your theme, but it also seems a little cliche. Perhaps controlling the lighting and using muted colors would be an idea you can play around with. The short depth of field you use really helps create this tunnel vision aspect, which can be how some people deal with mental health issues. I particularly like the unposed aspect of the third photo, and how you look like you’re spying on the subject of the photo.

  7. I love this series and what message you are trying to get across with these photos. Mental health is still an issue people to like to talk about. So, you captured someones everyday routine very well. I like that the photos are in black in white. I feel like it helps set the mood as well to these pieces.

  8. I love the meaning behind this series of photos, and how you took them in a way that tells a story. The way you captured them gives insight into such a personal aspect of people’s lives, and the way you framed each photo zeros in on each aspect of a morning routine. Overall really good job!

  9. At first glance its clear that there is a story being told in your photographs. I like your subtle use of grain, as it gives off a timeless vibe. I would suggest a little more contrast to give a little pop to your photos.

  10. I really love how you captured the mundane. To me these images are beautiful and relatable but also so simplistic. I also like how your focus is carefully placed with a fairly shallow depth of field in use. Lastly, I like your topic and idea but how it wasn’t overly pushed. You gave the viewers enough information to get your point across but not so much that it was overly obvious.

  11. The colors from these series are just amazing. The various vibrant colors mixed together with sphere shapes from the bubbles reminds me of the outer space, with the colorful galaxies and planets. The close-up view brings out every detail of the water and bubbles. The way these images are arranged makes it look like the bubbles are growing more and bigger. This is a very good use of the element of colors and macro type shots.

  12. As I look at these sets of images, I immediately felt connected. These show how the person wakes up in the morning and go about her usual routine. The expression of her face and body language give a mundane vibe that most of us can relate to. The choice of making this black and white also is brilliant. Overall, these series successfully capture the viewers’ attention.

  13. Annabel – I love the concept of this project. The beauty in these mundane routines that we all engage are often overlooked in regard to their beauty. You captured the subject’s atmosphere and home in a beautiful way, and I’m sure this set of photos offered her a new perspective on her daily routines.

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