4 thoughts on “Carla Davila”

  1. I dig your photo a lot! The colors and the poses bring so much positivity and hope. It seems like one is looking into the past and one is looking forward to the future. However one thing that it makes it just a little unsatisfying is that the wall on the left seem to block the sight of model looking up, and therefore I would suggest to change the placement of the persons in the picture.

  2. I found the colors and lighting to be very successful in this shot. It almost seems as though it’s multiple photos, photoshopped and layered on top of each other because of the purity of the sky and the brick wall. I would recommend reshooting or editing it so the brick wall isn’t included. It isn’t adding anything more to the photo and I even would say it’s taking away from the subjects.

  3. This is a lovely photo. The placement of the subjects and how they are each looking a different way definitely adds to the success of the composition. I agree that the brick wall is a little distracting, but I think that the way you captured the photo and your ideas behind it are strong. I would love to see more.

  4. I love your reference to Frida Kahlo! I think you did an amazing job of representing her with your models. The colors in this photo are beautiful, I especially love the vibrancy of the sky and I think the brick wall is nice in that it anchors the shot.

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