17 thoughts on “Chelsey Page”

  1. Such a creative series of photos! First of all, I have to say I really love your soft grainy tone! I wonder how you created such many small sections. One advice is I think it would be better if you could put a specific section larger than others, making people feel the important part.

  2. This is very interesting. I was instantly drawn to this due to the last one. There is a reflection point that almost looks like a person but the perspective is warped. I think that this could be explored more by focusing on more macro shots of a specific reflection point.

  3. These are beautiful. They are abstract enough to give meaning to the photo, but still it is obviously a person. I think the focus of the eyes is what makes this more meaningful for me. I feel like the photo is looking into the people’s emotions, and it makes me want to get to know them. Nice work!

  4. I really love the fragmented, fractal like effect we get in these images. I particularly am attracted to the second one, as a form of self portraiture. To me, it’s an interesting suggestion towards identity, how we view ourselves, and how others might see us.

  5. I think the first photo is the strongest because it’s fragmented but very united and doesn’t have any distraction. In general I feel the anxiety and the complication of an individual’s identity from the photo. Nice work!

  6. Your utilization of this kind special lens is amazing. The images are blurred and fragmented, giving a sense of dreaming. The first two are really strong with dark eyes, black hair and red lips shown.

  7. I love the kaleidoscopic/trippy aesthetic. I love that you focused on the eyes. There’s all this distortion from the glass, but you can still see the features and shapes clearly.

  8. These effects are so cool! I also love the pink and blue tones, especially in the last photo. I love how the blue in the background brings out the blue in the eyes. I would consider these to be abstract, and I enjoy how you were able to capture these through different lenses.

  9. I am incredibly drawn to these photos. The colors and grain make the photos feel very delicate and soft. I don’t know if it was on purpose, but I think the cropping of the images to be different sizes works well with the overall concept. It looks like some images were taken inside and the last one outdoors. I would love to see more of these with the same subject and varying backgrounds because of the contrast and color they add.

  10. These photos have such a surrealist, dreamy vibe. I love the softness coupled with the neutral background because it contributes to the feeling that these pictures are unreal. I think the color schemes of each are excellent and I really enjoy your framing as well!

  11. This is a very interesting concept for a series of photographs! it reminds me of looking through broken glass or a mirror. I think the color scheme works really well with the more neutral colors and just the occasional pop of red and green.

  12. I really like the mirror image of your model. but I would say if you had made it more clear it would look better, I more mirror if you had one mirror object than it would look better. also, your theme was not that clear from you images.

  13. I enjoy how interesting your photos are. The distortion of a female’s face and dispersed facial features make me think of beauty standards for some reason. I’m not sure if that’s your concept; however, those are the vibes that I’m getting. Some tips in improving these photos would be to work on the shadow and highlights (or whites and blacks) to give the photos more depth and a dramatic feel.

  14. The abstraction within this series is very dreamlike. I am interested in how although the three images carry similar qualities, they also differ from one another. The subtle use of color combined with the grainy undertone is quite intriguing as well. I particularly like the last photo and how the blue of what seems to be the sky contrasts with the main subject.

  15. Interesting set of photographs. As other people commented, it also reminded me of the surrealistic movement while scrolling through this pictures. the abstraction of this image might make more difficult create a compelling content, yet I truly feel that you did a great job by taking very compelling set of pictures. The blurriness works pretty well in this work.

  16. I really enjoy the abstraction of the faces here, it is a unique kind of portrait that I am not sure I’ve seen before. The only thing I would have changed would be to sharpen the photographs in post-processing maybe in certain points of the images. That way there is something specific to focus on.

  17. These photographs are intriguing because they remind me of a cubist painting. You’ve taken one subject, yourself, and shown all the different faces/angles of that subject, composing them into one photograph with the use of mirrors. I think it would add more intrigue to include some of the environment you have put the subject in as you started to do in the last photograph. Or, photograph the whole series in a studio situating the subject in different positions so that we can maybe see the back of the head or the side of the face.

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