13 thoughts on “Jinting Li”

  1. I do not know what the project was for these photographs but they are certainly beautiful. The first photo makes great use of the curvature of the building, the light pole, and the fog to give the viewer a real sense of perspective. The fog is nice also because it adds negative space and the eye is drawn to it. The photo of the arial view doesn’t work as well as the others since it has so much black space and there isn’t really a subject to focus on, where they eye can be drawn to.

  2. I really like the sharpness and the color of your photos. It almost feels like an American landscape of daily life. The large space you left on the top makes them seem like a free land. But FDT.

  3. The exposure and tones are beautiful. I don’t know if there’s some sort of polarized lens filter but the skies look very nice.

  4. The first photo is composed really well. All of the images within the photo help to draw the eye upwards. The whole photo has a nice flow to it. I also really like the muted tones in the third photo. It adds a quiet and emotional feeling to photo where the subject itself is inherently emotionless.

  5. So I’m not entirely sure what your focus is but I’m assuming it has something to do with the exploration of America in a variety of ways. But again I’m not sure because the series isn’t giving me the answer. That being said, each photo is well done with the lighting and composition. The Trump tower photo looks like it was over sharpened because there’s a bit of the halo effect in some areas. The grocery cart shot is my favorite – it really speaks to the privilege and materialistic aspect of America (with the cars and shops in the background with a full cart of fresh food), and is especially strong because of the colors in the city speaking to the similar colors of the food in the cart. It’s very well balanced.

  6. Looking at these photos I get a sense that the theme you were going for was the sky. I like how you were able to incorporate 3 very different photos showing 3 very different characteristics of the sky(day time, night, cloudy). The only thing I would change is that the middle photo looks too close to being 50/50 in how much the black sky takes up the frame. I would like it cropped just a tad more to offset the city line and so that there is not so much blank black space taking up the frame.

  7. I love your use of light in these images; it adds to a high contrast in the colors. With each contrast, the subject really stands out and catches your eye immediately, which is super important in a photograph. I like the cohesiveness of the outdoors, but very different parts of the outdoors.

  8. I like your pictures when you show a different view of the city. At the first picture, trump tower is the main object while in the second, we have the beautiful scenery of the city at night. For the last two picture, we have different layers of the sky with a different view.

  9. These photos are stunning! Trump Tower missing in the fog, it looks so pretty and mysterious. I can imagine how tall this building is. I particularly like the last two photos. The gradual change of the color for the sky caught my breath, looks so comfortable and pretty. You only caught the coconut tree and sky make this picture looks freedom and fairness.

  10. I love the last two photos. There’s such a crispness to them that is really nice and the colors are beautiful. I love the sunset and how the colors of it are balanced out in the peaches and the tulips in the bottom of the composition. I really love the simplicity of the last photo. The blue is so striking and the palm trees and moon look beautiful against it.

  11. Even though you do not explain what your theme is, when looking at these photos I interpret it to be something involving the sky. I really like how the sky is different in each picture, and how you chose to take them at a time of day that would fit the landscape you were working with. I also think you did a really nice job of editing your photos, because all of the colors are bright and add contrast.

  12. I think the exposure and contrasts in these images are beautifully done. I don’t know what your theme is but I feel like you are taking me on a journey through America. The composition in all of your images are definitely capturing especially in their content.

  13. Your photos are gorgeous! I feel like the first two feel so east coast and the last two feel so west coast and the comparison is so visually pleasing. I especially love the colors in the third photo! The groceries with the sunset is so beautiful. I also love the composition of the last one!

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