photography, University of Kentucky

Kevin Truhlar Jr.

Kevin Truhlar Jr.
A-S 285 – Lens Arts
digital photographs; 6 2/3″ x 10″
Series of 5 images (4 included)

Statement: This series of work explores that concept of being reliant on, yet simultaneously struggling with technology. I used myself as a model because of my own personal interest in this topic, but I wanted to use a silhouette-style lighting to give a more faceless appearance to the works. Even though we now live in a more wireless generation, cables are still a physical representation of technology and without them nearly all of our gadgets will not work, much like how many others and I feel like we cannot function unless we’re connected to the internet in some capacity.

14 thoughts on “Kevin Truhlar Jr.”

  1. The dramatic lighting for each photo pushes this concept of entanglement with technology. I felt that anxiety and constriction coming from the photos. The composition is also very pleasing and balanced while also giving us a direction to see through the photo.

  2. I think these three pictures in your set are all insanely beautiful. You created a meaningful set of picture using a very visually pleasing way in my opinion. Lighting is perfect as well. Well done!

  3. I really like your concept and the idea of silhouette style. They are super clean! In the first picture, the facial expression and the relationship between technology (symbolized by wire) and the person are kind of muted, or maybe they are blended in an intentional way. But it also made me lost in your theme maybe because the wires are not emphasized enough

  4. This was very well done. The back silhouette lighting made the piece stronger. I would like to see you explore this topic further and possibly push the concept to a more extreme level.

  5. I really like the concept here going on. In today’s time most people tend to be incredibly reliant on technology. I can feel that in your photos very well. As for critique, I think these would be powerful as black and white on a black background. I find it a bit distracting that the background is so bright and I feel like it’s easy to miss the point of your photos with the current background. Otherwise great job!

  6. I really like all three of these pictures. They give off an emotion that you can really feel. I also enjoy the angle at which these pictures were taken at because they give off a cool shadow.

  7. This series is really unique! I rarely see silhouette-style lighting and you did a great job combining it with your concept. The blank background gave me a feeling of coldness and even fear because I don’t know what is going to come. I think you can definitely try more concepts on this style.

  8. The way that you lit the photographs goes well with your concept and the vibe. I get very scene and lab asylum sense in your work, because when i think about theses atmosphere it deals with a lot of bright lights. I love that also your model and objects are in the darker tones then have little bit of lighter tone

  9. I found this series so impactful because of the way you approached the silhouette lighting. It was interesting cause they at one point led into the other because of how equal and balanced the lighting is. the concept really resonates with our society as it is today and it holds more power that you chose to be your own model. I would recommend bringing color in and see how that changes the series because color is another factor of technology and the inherent symbolism that colors bring.

  10. I find these images very interesting. The first image grabbed my attention and I like how you ordered them. As the photos progress, it seems to reveal more backstory of the first image. In terms of composition, The photos are shot at interesting angles that create a sense of tension. The mellow gloomy tones lend to the sadder emotions that this series of images are geared for. I really like this series and they definitely feel like they belong together. The power cables and the subject work to link these images together to tell a story.

  11. I really like your thoughts behind our struggle and reliance on technology! While I see how you wanted to incorporate a faceless and silhouetted figure, I feel that your images are too blown out and dark to see the details of the cables and thus not allowing the viewer to effectively take in the meaning from the photo. Some suggestions in addition to adjusting the exposure or brightness and contrast of the photos, is to also think about the orientation of it. For example, if you wanted the viewer to feel like their about to fall off their seats or a type of suspense, flip the 2 photos where the cable is wrapped around the subject upside down as if they’re hanging. Also, pick one of those two to showcase because they’re very similar. While the first, second, and fourth photo are representative of the concept, I don’t see how the third fits in, the string or rod from the subjects mouth is confusing and almost looks like someone was impaled. If the string or rod is supposed to be an earbud, include more of the string in a way that it looks identifiable?

  12. I really appreciate the idea you had behind this piece of work, not only is it incredibly relevant but you represent it in a really stunning way. In particular I think your choice to use such dramatic lighting was really effective it getting your point across, and it’s impressive the level of detail you were able to achieve.

  13. I love your idea behind this series, and I think every aspect you used, from the dramatic lighting to the composition of the scene, really got your point across. I really enjoy how your hands are reaching in to the scene in the second photo because it draws your eye down the photo where you are plugging in the cord.

  14. I love the choice to do everything in silhouette. I think you did very well portraying your project. By combining the use of angles and the emotions portrayed, it really gives the viewer a sense of urgency and connection to the subject matter. This series is really good!

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