6 thoughts on “Maia Schrempp”

  1. I like how the subject of the first 2 photos seems to be that of just what some people may see while going about on errands. Its very simplistic and personally gave me a feeling similar to when I was younger and grocery shopping with my mom at a local farmers market. I also like the idea behind the 3rd photo of using the railing as a leading line but the line doesn’t appear to lead anywhere but to a dead end. I would have liked a more clear subject at the end of the line than have the line itself just be the subject.

  2. The only thing I am noticing is that the white in the first picture is too blown out and doesn’t have any texture or information, so I would lower the brightness on that.

  3. I like in the second photo how there is so much happening, but the photo still has good composition and is very focused. I like how the sun is hitting one side of the building just right, so it leaves a shadow falling over the other side of the building.

  4. I love your light drawing picture. I understand how difficult it is to take a good light drawing picture, so the fact that you have your lines and circles so crisp is amazing. I also love that you can see your subject. The circles and the subjects face adds to the mood of the image.

  5. This series is really cool but I think out of all the images in it, the one that caught my attention in particular was the last image with the light drawing. This image is particularly interesting because the colors are vibrant, and the actually drawing of light is well done. I really enjoy the series of perfect circles you managed to create in different colors. The red and blue tones really help to grab the viewer’s attention and focus. I also enjoy that you can see the person behind the drawing as well as it adds another element to the image to look at. Together, the drawing almost looks like a target, while the person behind is the one being targeted. This makes me feel that there is definitely more to this image’s message than what you would see at first glance. One thing that I think would make this image even better would be to try to get the table and water bottle in the background out of the photo. I think some extra negative space would benefit this image as the table and bottle are a little distracting from the rest of the image. I really love this photo though. Awesome job!

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