9 thoughts on “Omar Mandurah”

  1. The way you use light is creative and resourceful. It illuminates your subject and makes the photos intriguing. I also think that the one black and white photo is interesting. It breaks up the photos well and makes you stop and pay attention.

  2. These are beautiful photographs. I especially love the way you used both color and black and white. As a result, the images seem to flow nicely with one another. I agree that your utilization of light is very imaginative and it does help the subject stand out more. I also feel a sense of peace in response to this series with the color choice. Wonderful work.

  3. I especially like the first and second pictures. I agree that the use of lighting is very interesting and does a really good job of highlighting your subject.

  4. I love the tone of these photos, the colors are absolutely gorgeous in the first and second image. In addition, they have an overall filmic quality that makes me feel as though I’m watching an indie movie. Overall a really cool vibe in these images.

  5. You utilized light in these photos in such a captivating way. These are such lovely portraits, I think your usage of a shallow depth of field was really rewarding. I especially like your final photo in the parking garage. I am really impressed with how you were able to shoot with such harsh lighting and still take a flattering portrait.

  6. These photos are so pretty, to be honest. I like the comparison of the first two pinky photo with last two dark color photo. It gave this series photo a varied feeling. First two pictures give a soft, stunning style, and the last two pictures gave me a mystery feeling. I particular like that black and white picture cause you caught the subtle gesture for the model. Good job!

  7. You did such a great job using lighting in these photos. It is very interesting and highlights your subject so well. It makes these photos so intriguing. Nice work!

  8. Omar – the tonality of this set is very unique and engaging. The first image is striking and seems like it could be used on the cover of an album. The lighting casts really beautiful contrasts between the subject and background. The second image is lovely – I’m assuming you lowered the highlights to get the pink in the sky to come through more. Great work!

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