28 thoughts on “Alanna Parham”

  1. These ghost images are quite interesting. I really like the idea of keeping the apertures long to create this interesting effect. The editing of the blue tint adds an interesting eerie feel to these pictures as well, I like it!

  2. I think you really captured the “spirit” in your first three images. The first and the second ones are my favorite because of the excessive movement, really giving her an abstract shape. It would be really interesting to see these in black and white, or maybe sepia!

  3. I like your idea about catching the spirit! It seems like you are doing a pretty good job with the exposure as the background is really clear and static. I especially love the third one since the colors of both the shadow of the movement and the scene really correspond to each other. Good job!

  4. I feel your second and third images capture your goal the best. The way the subject is blurred just fits that of a spirit in my mind. Of the two I think the second one is probably stronger than the third because the subject is on such a dark background, it makes the photo more eerie. I like that you were trying to capture more movement in the first photo, but I don’t think of a ghost when I look at it.

  5. I think you did a very good job on creating the spirit you wanted to create in your photographs. I think they all have great lighting as well!

  6. This series is very interesting! You did a great job creating a ghost figure with making her off-focus, not showing her face, showing her grey clothes, and keeping her in motion. The contrast between the background and the figure adds more spooky feeling to the narrative.

  7. I really enjoy the stillness of your your foreground and the element of the slow shutter speed for your object. I think the first and third check are your strongest , because the first one seem more gestured and playful. And the second one is just interesting as a photo because the way you composed it and the are you pick to photograph it in.

  8. I really enjoy this series. I think you did a great job accomplishing the overall theme of capturing a spirit within these photos. Each one has an eerie feeling from the motion capture along with the overall color tone. Well done!

  9. I love the color grading on these. It works well with the hazy motion. The middle 2 images are my favorite. Love the textures and dynamic in the 3rd image

  10. This is an interesting set. I think your second and third photo come out the strongest in terms of trying to evoke a spirit in an environment, I think that’s because of the complete loss of identity on the figure and the morphing of the figure into opaque color. I wonder how this series could work at night, with the use of a reflective material on the model, or perhaps a small light somewhere on the model.

  11. I think you affectively captured the “spirit” in these photos, however the last photo the blurred figure looks more like someone just walking. I like how in the first one, it looks like there is more than one movement, creating a more ghostly effect.

    I really like how you created a dark and moody environment for your spirit figure to interact in, I think it adds greatly to the ghostly feel of the images.

  12. This is a very cool concept and I think you picked a good place to shoot this in. The haunted vibe of the town is a great fit for the subject. The only thing I would change is the color balance because it is overly green and too dark.

  13. I really liked your idea for this project. Each picture is done so well with the slow shutter speed to capture the movement and make the figure appear thinner. I like how the rest of the image is still all over removing any extra distractions from the focus. I think this was very well done!

  14. This is a really cool idea and I think the first 3 images do a great job of capturing that ghostly movement. The blue tint in each photo makes it feel colder and more ghostly which I think helps with the overall vibe of your photo as well. In the first one I think its really cool that she looks like she’s dancing.

  15. These images are very interesting. I think you successfully captured “spirit” in these photos. The slow shutter speed was perfect to capture movement in these photos and the overall color tone really sets the mood.

  16. The concept of this is really interesting, especially considering all these photos are taken in public, and in relative daylight. I think the second and third images fulfill your project the best. Some suggestions I have would be to carefully consider the colors your subject is wearing and how those colors work with the surrounding environment. I think the reason the second image works so well for me is that the blur is mainly one color. When we typically see pictures of “ghosts” caught on camera, it tends to be monochrome and very blurry. The reason the fourth picture doesn’t work so well for me is there are too many details that can be made out on the subject: ripped jeans, hair color, rolled up sleeves on a cardigan, etc. It is really impressive, however, how clear everything in the background of the fourth image is.

  17. This is definitely an interesting and unique idea of capturing a spirit. I specifically like that the tones in each picture is muted to add to the kind of “spooky” feeling. I also like that some of the pictures are by some things that are kind of run down. It reminds me of walking into a haunted mansion or something.

  18. I like your idea of capturing photos that appear to have a spirit within the pictures, the stillness of the backgrounds adds to the effect as well. I think the blue tint on the photos adds to the feeling of a spirit within the pictures as well.

  19. I really enjoy the way you took this series and I think you did a good job at capturing a ghost image. You did a really nice job at using the correct exposure time to make your subject blurred!

  20. I like the concept of these images, and they all stylistically work well together. I like how you incorporate rust and bricks throughout to tie it all together. I feel like having the subject dress in all on color may add to the effect of being a spirit. Great job!

  21. Very compelling set of images. Your decision to blur out the main subject in all of the images create a sense of mystery and haunted. Using the ghost effect is a great idea to bring your idea of spirits to reality. Though I’m a bit concern that they look a bit blue to me. But I don’t know if that was intetional.

  22. This is a really cool idea for a series and I think the image that speaks to this idea the best is definitely the third one. I think the time of day that you chose to take this image on really helps add to the mystical feeling by adding gloom and darkness to the image. I also think that the choice to omit the feet from you ghost image makes it appear more ghost like; like someone is just floating through the air. The placement of the subject also helps as they are placed in front of a more complicate portion of the background which helps the subject appear more transparent than they may have on a different background. Great work!

  23. I love the motion in these photos! Even though the subject is in motion, you can still see aspects of her. Good work!

  24. I think the pictures look really cool because you captured a ghost image. I like how the person you can’t totally see clearly. The last one is my favorite bc its ironic to me how it looks like the person is moving quicker than the car.

  25. I think you captured the “spirit” well. It was a good choice to have your subject wear something bright so that they stand out. I like the first picture best, it looks like they are dancing.

  26. I really love this series because I was instantly reminded of Vivian Meyer who is a favorite artist of mine. The vintage/worn out background and tone within these images suits the subject brilliantly and the movement sets your images apart from other submissions. I found it interesting that the subject appears to be in roughly the same area of the frame in each image, and perhaps some variation would add versatility to the set but overall, I really enjoy these pictures.

  27. These images are so unique and remind me of how fast times get and how we rush through moments without taking them all in. The blurriness of the subject matter allows for us to get a sense of the message which truly resonates with your ideas for your series. I think this series is so representative of current day in that no one is taking the time to relax and live, rather we are all caught up in the craziness that life brings us.

  28. These images play with exposure times so well! I have been thinking about how to make images have the presence of individuals without being portraits or photos of people in a literal sense. I like the idea of playing with motion to create the sense of individuals coming and going. Your images have a nice balance of the blur of the figure with a sharpness around them which I think compliments nicely.

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