8 thoughts on “Yennie Bong”

  1. It is an interesting series. The girl is either looking her phone or sleep. I am not sure what you are trying to express, but for my understanding, it seems like a topic about communication between people in such a digital age. People are either watching their phones or sleep, less care than before. From the photo perspective, I love the tone of the second one. It is pretty clean and soft.

  2. I love the idea behind these series of photos, how they show today’s connection to social media vs real contact with others. The last photo is very clear and I like how the camera is peaking around the drawer to give the impression of giving us a glimpse into her life. The first photo seems a little unfocused to me and I would have liked if it was taken at a different angle to give it some more depth rather than straight on.

  3. My interpretation of this is tat you are trying to capture what it is like living in a dorm room. You have a lot of control over your environment and you did a good job of getting your space photo ready by not having any random things laying around.

  4. I love the idea behind this series of photos, rather than having the girl looking directly at the camera she appears to be carrying on as if the camera isn’t there giving us the impression of a sneak peek into her life. This is especially evident in the last photo where we are looking around a dresser to see her. Only thing I would change is that the first photo looks a bit blurry and flat. Maybe try a different angle to give it more depth?

  5. I like the color difference ( white and purple) from first and third photo. Look like this girl is chilling on the bed and play phone just like I do when I am in my room. So nature and real, the young girl look so soft and clean in the photo. Good work.

  6. These photos capture the essence of college life perfectly. I like how you can never see the model’s face clearly. I would suggest some light editing, make them really pop!

  7. I assume that in this series you are making a commentary how we as a society are using phones and how much they dominate our every day lives. I like how these pictures really feel like you’re peeking into the normal every day life of this girl, but it also feels very personal. I do think that the composition could have been a little more dynamic and that might help bring your concept through more.

  8. I enjoy the colors in the first picture. The cool colors of blue and purple complement each other well behind the white shirt. In the last two pictures, the lines from the brick wall provide good movement in the background of the photos.

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