20 thoughts on “Danielle Marks”

  1. I really like the sky in the first picture. You made great use of the apertures in both pictures. The sky is still clear, although you know it is not the focus of the picture. The second picture really blurs out the objects that are not the main focus, I like it.

  2. I especially love how fresh your second photo appears. Your shallow depth of field created a perfect backdrop for the white flower.

  3. I really like your photos. The color is super natural and I particularly love the first one. While the leaves are black due to the back lighting reason, it really makes the overall looking of the photo really beautiful. It makes me feel quietness.

  4. I’m really drawn to the first image. I love the contrast between the purple and the orange, and the sharp black of the tree silhouette is really nice. I do think the branch in the lower right hand corner is a little distracting, so maybe cropping the image differently would help.

  5. I really like how you brought out the color of the sky in the first picture. It’s beautiful!

    I also like the second picture how you were able to focus the viewers eye on the flower while everything else around the flower is blurred.

  6. Though these pictures are part of a larger collection of 20, I think these two complement each other extremely well. I love the use of red and green next to each other, and the way the outer edges of the photos have texture. In the top, the upper edge of the sky and the tree create texture, and in the bottom, the blades of grass add texture to the bottom edge. Really nice color tones as well.

  7. Referring to the first image: I like the rule-of-thirds utilized in this photograph. The tree coming from just the one side, and on an angle, really adds to the image. I also like how it’s darker compared to the bright sunset, sort of like a silhouette. The sky colors and the and the difference in the shadows and all of the detail. Overall, I think this is a really strong image.

  8. I love the composition of these photos. Even though the background isn’t in focus, since it still takes up the majority of the framing instead of the subject it really moves your focus around the photo. Its very unusual, but its really working for you here. Not to mention the beautiful silhouette in the first photo. Nicely done.

  9. I really like the lighting and contrast of the first photograph. The focus in the second photograph is done very well! Great pictures.

  10. I think the photographs are super pretty. The colors are very genuine and true to life. It is interesting how you have decided to focus on one piece of nature and blurred out the rest. The blurry parts of the photographs look very painterly. I really really like the sun set or sun rise scene in the first photo and I kind of want to see more of that. I think it would look really pretty if you did a whole series with that and just blurred out that section. Besides that, overall pretty consistent work.

  11. I absolutely love these photos, especially together. The beautiful tones of the sky contrasting with the white and green of the flower are very pleasing. I also think having each background blurred makes the photos almost appear as though they could be paintings, which is really lovely. Wonderful work!

  12. These photos are absolutely beautiful. It was said a few comments up, but they are very painterly, especially that amazing sky in the first image. The tree branches coming out of the right corner point your eyes to the really amazing colors in the sky. I also like breaking the rule of thirds in the second image and putting the flower in the middle to help it stand out even more.

  13. The color in the first image is phenomenal. I especially like how the tree branches line up with the angle of the clouds. How dark the silhouette is against the sky is also incredible. In the second picture, I like the streak of reddish-brown giving the picture, giving the composition something more than just white and green. I almost find myself wishing the flowers themselves contrasted from the white wall in the background.

  14. I like how you can clearly see the beautiful sunset in the first photo and how you used the silhouette of the branches to frame the photo. I like the depth of field that you used in the second photo, and how it forces you to focus in on the flower.

  15. Great use of the shallow depth of field with the flower! I also enjoy how you used the rule of thirds putting the flower in the middle of the frame. I also like how the rule of thirds is utilized in the first photo. The tree coming from just the one side, and on an angle, really adds to the image. Such a beautiful silhouette! Wonderful work!

  16. You used the shallow depth of field very well in the second photo. The flower is so clear in the middle of the picture, while the background is blurry. The sky in the first photo has beautiful colors that you were able to capture.

  17. I love how in these pictures you captured the depth of fields, yet because the backgrounds are so vibrant in color on their own my eye is drawn to those more than the specific object in clarity. I love the first one because you captured the sunset’s beauty and the branch looks like a silhouette.

  18. The depth of field in these photos really brings out the details. And the color scheme is very different in both photos, but they go very well together. Great job capturing the moments!

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