photography, Rollins College

Ari Schubot

Ari Schubot
ART 300: Photography II
Digital Prints; 13×17
5 images in this series

As an Environmental Major and Studio Art Major, I find it essential that I use my knowledge about the environment and my skills as a photographer to make my viewers aware of their environment and by doing this it will hopefully make them more conscious of their actions regarding the environment. This series is about me/ the artist wanting to show my viewers that nature in an urban setting is always in sight of something man-made. I find it very interesting how most plant life within an urban setting has been removed and something manicured has replaced it. I want to emphasize the feeling of containment which Is ironic because nature is supposed to be wild.

15 thoughts on “Ari Schubot”

  1. I am most drawn to the first and third images in your series. I do think they capture your idea of being contained by something manmade, especially the third image. It looks as though the tree is trying to break free of its cage. I do really enjoy your concept and how you have captured your images. I love how sharp the flowers are in the first image and how the background is softer, but you can still tell this plant is enclosed in an urban setting. Very lovely work.

  2. This is a really cool concept, and something I have always been aware of but haven’t really thought about it. Continuing to find plants within constricting environments will really start to make a stark message, I hope you continue this series.

  3. I love your idea about combining the your major study and idea towards the environment with your photography. I think the ones with windows in the background are more suitable for your theme. But all of them look good! I especially like the first and third one. The first one could be brighter, and the sunlights in the third one corresponds with the tree very well.

  4. Before I read the artist statement, I was a bit surprised at how some of these photos made me feel uncomfortable, even though they were of something so calming like plants. I really like the idea and I think the theme is effective in the way you’ve made the plants look “confined” to the greenhouse / indoor setting. I especially like the last photo, because the contrast with the rusty bolt and the pretty little flower is very strong.

  5. These pictures feel like portrait shots for the plants. The lighting in all of these hit all of the ticks in my head saying this is something I would like to photograph. The way you have captured the beauty of the plants is phenomenal. Good job (:

  6. I especially like your first, second, and fifth photos. The flowers in the first offer a pop of color not present in the rest of the photo. The pot in the last photo offers a similar effect. The short depth of field and the dingy surroundings of the plant also offer an interesting sight. The lighting in the second photo is the largest point of interest, making one section of the photo well lit and letting the rest of it fall off into shadow. The fourth one could use the most work, as the composition doesn’t feel well thought out. Overall, I think this series is really good!

  7. I really like how you are using art to comment on something that you feel is important and something that people need to be aware of. I think you were most successful in your second and fourth images because the composition is a little bit more dynamic and the colors and lighting really pop and emphasize the plants.

  8. I really like your use of the natural light and how your picture are focusing specifically on nature and its beauty. I like how you used depth of field focusing on an object and blurring out the background to really focus on that pictures muse. I love the first one with the bright pink color, it really shows a contrast between the greens on the other plants and that flower.

  9. The flowers in the first photo stand out from the neutral background, offering a nice pop of color. The natural light used adds to the photos well. You capture the beauty of these plants very well.

  10. I really liked the series of your images. In all the pictures except second I believe that you could have gone more closer, and that would give you perfect shot.

  11. I like how clear, bright and in focus these photos are and how the vibrant colors in the plants really stand out.

  12. I really enjoy your use on natural lighting and the focus of nature and its beauty. Your use of short depth of field gave these photos an interesting effect. Very nice work!

  13. I think you did a great job of choosing your depth of field. It really helps you achieve your goal of drawing attention to the environment. I also enjoy how you chose to light your photos. The shadows add a lot to the photos and make them really beautiful. I think your shadows are strongest in the first two photos and I think those are your strongest photos compositionally. The leading lines and repetition are very strong here.

  14. I was initially interested in this series because I related so well with the photographer’s statement. I am also an Environmental Studies Major with a photography certificate so I often feel the same responsibility to use both skills to share about environmental issues and beauty. I really like the concept this photographer had about the relationship between nature and urban areas. I think the second and third image especially capture their idea, as you can clearly see how overgrown the plants are within thier confinded spaces. The natural light in all of these iages is very beautiful and has a perfect amount of exposure in it. There is a consistency of centered composition in these images, which can be either intentional for the theme; however, maybe playing with the rule of thirds more could add variety to the series. My favorite image is the second image becuase of the amazing natural light shining on the plant. I think this image also describes the theme of the work very well, too.

  15. I really love your idea for this series! It’s so cool and amazing. Your photos show a lot of details of the plants. The colors are also vivid. All of these photos go very wonderfully together, each bringing out a perfect amount of light and color from the series and the plants.

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