7 thoughts on “Brianna Braeger”

  1. That certainly is a delicious looking cupcake! Food photography can be a lot of fun, for future shoots try playing around with other elements to compliment the cupcake, like sprinkles tossed on the surface or a smear of frosting. These types of things can help add a nice aesthetic punch to your image.

  2. I really like the focus on the cupcake and there’s very nice contrast in color. I think it could have been interesting to play around with the composition of the photograph a bit more though to add some more complexity.

  3. This is a very cute picture. I think the choice to unwrap the cupcake, but still leave it under it gave an interesting element to this picture. I think you could play with the background a little more, maybe giving a complementary color to the yellow, or maybe just a plain color.

  4. I like the focus you chose for the cupcake and that you unwrapped it so we can focus on all the different colors within it. The bright yellow really draws you into the photo.

  5. This is a really tempting image to look at for a cupcake fan – I think the multi colors in the frosting help bring out some of the flecks of confetti in the cake itself. However, I would off-center the cupcake and add a little more interest to the photo. I think as it is, there isn’t a whole lot leading you around the rest of the photograph especially since it is blurred in the back.

  6. I like this image. The colors you managed to capture in the cupcake look vibrant and warm which really makes the cupcake look even more delicious. The short depth of field also keeps the viewer focused on the cupcake since the entire background is blurry. The wrapper that you left under it is a nice touch as well. It helps keep the viewer interested in the cupcake and grounded in the image rather than looking all around the photo. I think if you could get away with enhancing the colors even more, it would brighten up the photo some more. The background seems to have a tendency to darken the whole image. Great photo!

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