15 thoughts on “Ly Nomad”

  1. I like the way you changed the colors and tones of everything, creating something totally new. The pink and cyan give me an uncomfortable feeling (It’s a good thing), adding a unique, dreamlike atmosphere to ordinary scenes.

  2. I would be curious to know your thoughts behind the edits you have done with these photos, they seem very intentional. I get both a dreamy feeling from them, but also a very uncomfortable feeling. Aesthetically, this is a nice set of photos to look at. The only thing I find distracting is the pixelated cloud on your second image, I wonder if it’s necessary, but again, your artistic intentions would help me better understand that.

  3. I love your composition of these photos, particularly the first one. I like how, at a glance, it almost seems as though nothing is amiss, but the longer you look, the more you see. The slight 3D effect really pulls the attention to the crane and the diagonal draws your eyes across the image. The subtle rainbows in the clouds are a nice detail as well.

  4. Wow! These are incredible photos, and fantastic edits. I am curious to know how you were able to change the colors and tones within the image. They look like they would jump off the page if I was to put on 3D glasses. I also love the way you captured the textures within the photos. The falling water, and the grassy plants really lend themselves to the two toned images.

  5. It is really intriguing how you captured what seem to be everyday scenes and chose to transform them into something new. The colors within each photo compliment each other nicely, especially in the third photo. With the choice to capture these specific scenes and put your own spin on them, I think it would be interesting to know your thoughts behind the images.

  6. I love the edits you did on these photos of color changing, and even little digital elements such as the smoke coming out of the factory. It changes the pictures entirely, and I enjoy how you used your artistic style to put your own spin on them.

  7. I love the color alterations that you have applied to these photographs! It gives them a really eerie and uncomfortable feel that is very unusual. I think the second and third photographs are the most successful and the colors could have been pushed a little bit more in the first one to accomplish a similar effect. Great work! Yeah

  8. I love the style you used to edit these photos and transform them into something completely different from the original by changing the colors and tones of everything. I really enjoy how you used your creative mind to put your own spin on them. My favorite image is of the waterfall because you did a great with your usage of shutter speed!

  9. I love the contrast of the color and usage of the icon in your photos! The texture of these 3 pictures is feeling like painting. You have done an excellent post-processing! Great ideas and work!

  10. This is a really cool series of images! The most interesting thing about them is the colors you chose to use. I am very much into using bright colors that dont always line up with the subject as well. I enjoy how the different colors tend to obscure what the subject actually is. Like in the third photo, the liquid could be water or it might not be. The extremely vibrant colors really help to grab someone’s attention. I also really like the composition of the third image, the way the water falls over the edge generates a leading line that takes you around the image. I think the image would be even stronger however if some of the sky was cropped out so there was more of a focus on the water. I think since the sky is so bright it distracts the viewer from the true subject of the image. These are all super cool photos! Good job!

  11. I really love the colors in these pictures and how it gives off a 3D effect especially in the 2nd one. In the first one I love that bright blue color and how it makes the sky look with colorful the clouds.

  12. I like the colors that you chose to focus on between all of these photos, I think that it brings all of the photos together very well. I also enjoy how you chose to edit all of them, I think it makes your photos stand out from others.

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